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A Complimentary Condom

I just got to Portland, after dropping Chip off at the airport in Seattle, and found  a complimentary condom on the night table, with the hotel logo on it, along with a set of foam ear plugs. Also, the decor is modern. Well, very mod, in a retro way. Molded plastic chairs, brushed steel, a platform bed. The hallways are outside, and made of astroturf. It is very clean, I don't mean to imply grungy. Just hipper than I'm used to. A lot hipper.

Sleeping Well In Seattle

I do better in hotel rooms with company, and Chip is here, which means I've been sleeping in. We went to the Mariners game yesterday. They lost 11-2. I was very glad that I wasn't the mother of any of the Seattle pitchers. If it had been a Little League Game, it would have been very hard to watch. But since I wasn't related to anyone, I had a terrific time.  The sun was shining, Safeco Field is beautiful, we had great seats (row 19 behind home plate) ate brats and drank a beer. Last night we had dinner with Mario and Eve, and this morning are off to church.

The Wedding & Tour Update

The wedding was outside, at the Terra Blanca winery, high on a hill in the vineyard overlooking the smooth, creased brown hills of Eastern Washington. The winery is new, but had an old world feel, with lawns and gardens, huge wooden doors, stucco arches and broad terraces with slate floors.

Raven's Brew Special

Today is the last day to buy Raven's Brew Coffee at 15 percent off, as part of the Heather Lende Book Tour promotion. I know, it sounds a little silly, "the official book tour coffee," but how great is it to have good coffee while you read my book? And how nice is it to have a coffee company that supports authors, and the arts in Alaska, the way Raven's Brew does? Thank them for me when you order your  coffee.  

Star Tribune Review. (Terrific!)

A great review from the Minneapolis Star Tribune: Serious subjects, delightful results
(By PAMELA MILLER, Star Tribune)
Review: A highly readable collection of essays by an Alaska newspaper columnist that are both ripping good yarns and insightful meditations.
In her second book, Heather Lende, a columnist for the Anchorage Daily News and an obituary writer for the paper in her hometown of Haines, offers 15 well-turned essays about living in the shadow of death in a world both harsh and beautiful.

Back in the Tour

After Stuart and Lexie's wonderful wedding at a gorgeous winery near Richland Wa., I'm back on the tour, and will send more notes tomorrow- but here is an interview I did with APRN  (the Alaska Public Radio Network) when I was is in Anchorage, to hold you over for the time being. I am more than a little homesick, and truthfully, would have loved to fly home with Sarah, Rev.

It's Friday, I Must Be In...

 Richland, Washington is where I am today. (Having survived Denver, Boulder, and Salt Lake and left my talking car behind for an ordinary sedan.) I am also off the book tour beat, and on the grandmother  beat for three whole days. (And the familiar faces beat.) We are all here for Lexie and Stuart's wedding on Sunday.

A Jetsons Moment

Last night I was driving the rental car I call Starship Enterprise back from Boulder to Denver - the Boulder Bookstore is terrific, three floors of books, a cafe, and outdoor courtyard, smart staff who like to read-- anyway, I'm on the four lane highway, in the dark, flying along at about 70 the way they do here in the wild west, and the radio station goes static. I try to fix it by pressing every lit up button and dial I can find on the steering wheel and control panel, and I end up leaving Colorado for outer space and land on satellite radio of some sort.



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