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February Woman's Day Column, a Heart Healthy Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day-- and since this is women's heart month, I thought you might like my February Woman's Day Valentine to physical therapist Marnie Hartman and the Haines Morning Muscles women. (She put us through our paces this morning. ) Also, because it is a day for love, and nothing will ever love you like a dog, here are a few pictures of  a recent walk with Pearl.

Happy Birthday Sarah

It is hard to believe to that my second baby is 27 today-- and that she will be having her second baby in May.  When each of my children were born my mother traveled to Alaska from New York to help me for two weeks. Sarah was due January 27 and she arrived Feb. 13. My mother assumed it was good planning to arrive two weeks after Sarah's due date. You do the math-- she was here a few days before the birth. That February it was bitter cold, zero and below, and very windy.

February Thaw Postcard

 It has been so mild (mid forties and sunny) everyone is hoping that this might be spring, even though we know better. We have been walking, jogging, and even riding bikes.  I heard someone even caught a steelhead out on the river.  Here is what all that melting snow and ice looks like around town. 

Good Morning, I Think

 The sounds of the morning drift up the stairs: "Hey, stop chewing on my shoe-- it is on my foot, ouch, ouch!" "Hey let go of my sock." "Hey, that's my library book." "That's the coffee table not a bone." "Are you guys sure you wanted a dog?" With a background soundtrack of a growling terrier being chased by a barking puppy and an alarming number of crashes. Then there was a huge one that stilled, silenced and shook the whole house. The snow finally broke loose from the roof and crashed in the yard.

Plugged in, Sort of.

Chip, JJ, and I are all living together these days while she student teaches in the kindergarten. Our daughter calls us "the three best friends." She's joking, sort of. Chip and JJ are both adept at all the devices-- you know-- computers, iPads, the iPhone music dock, satellite radio and TV, the DVD player and even that recording thing that lets them fast forward through commercials. Me, I'm a dial and  knob girl. I know how to turn the knob on the radio on and dial in the signal, and I'm fine with just one station, KHNS.

News of The Chilkat Valley News

The Chilkat Valley News has put both feet into the digital media era with a brand new and improved e-paper that is now getting up and running. (There may still be a few kinks so be patient.) There are lots of color photos and an interactive feature. (Yup, you can comment on the news now, so what are you waiting for?) Advertisers in the print version of the paper get free web ads- in color- with a link to your site-- how great is that?

Wolverines and Puppies

This morning Pearl tugged off the last of the frayed lining of a seat cushion that several dogs before her have torn, so my husband, the helpful Ace Hardware man repaired it with  an old stained piece of Tyvek he found in the garage.  ("No one will look under the chair," he said.) The damage to the chair was minimal, and it was kind of my fault since I was making coffee rather than paying attention to what Pearl was chewing on.

Some Things Don't Change

 I have been working on an obituary for Helen Fenn. She was 98 when she died last week at the Sitka Pioneer Home. Helen was born on a homestead three miles from the Clifton train station in Colorado. Her first memories were of tall grass and a lot of buffalo. When the family took a horse and wagon to the nearest town, 14 miles away,  it took all day. Helen, her husband and parents came to southeast Alaska during the depression and she stayed. operating a small gift store, Helen's Shop, first in Petersburg then here in Haines.



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