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Mother's Day

So, while I was fretting about the early release of Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs, my friend called and said she was thrilled. Now she has a Mother's Day gift. Then she said I should be happy. "It's like having a baby early. What's not to like about that?" She's right.  I feel better already.  Here's a funny story. When If You Lived Here came out I was in a Seattle nursing home recovering from that smashed pelvis. Everyone sent cards, but the best one (okay, one of the best) congratulated me on the birth of my new baby. Ralph and Ellen Borders sent it.

Books Are Here

 Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs  is now on sale in Haines at the Babbling Book store. (907)-766-3356. Crazy, but true,  I just signed a few hundred copies. I am as surprised as you are. I'm also scared to death. I wasn't in town the last time a book came out. I thought I had until the 17th of May to get ready, you know, wash my hair, clean the car. Buy some clothes that look better. Memorize some poetry. Practice being an author. That sort of thing.

A Long Short Walk

 When I was in New York it was sunny and we walked everywhere. The sidewalks and Central Park walking lanes were full of people, and no one said hello except the groundskeepers in the park. Now I know why. It's not they aren't friendly. It's that they'd never to get work or finish a workout if they did. Yesterday it was 60 and sunny so I walked to town to run a few errands, stop in at the newspaper office, see baby Caroline, buy some bananas. I left at two. I didn't get there until almost four. That is one mile per hour.

Up and Down

Here is another tip for nervous flyers from a pilot friend, "Better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air, than in the air wishing you were on the ground." (Tip might not be the proper word.) Speaking of proper words, or funny ways to say things, I spoke with JJ in Ireland yesterday and she talked all about her trip to a rural island. "I have never seen so many rock fences," she said. I'm talking to a radio station in Minneapolis this morning, I hope. The interview is at 10am central time, which ought to be 7am my time.

Flying Column is Up

There is a new column up at the Alaska Dispatch, which is a paper you should check out, if you haven't. You'll learn a lot about the state there, politically, socially and economically.  When I was in New York the sentiment among travel writers what that we are all kind of crazy, like... well, you know, which is just not true.

Moose and Birds

 If all the bird life weren't enough of a thrill, I was sipping my coffee when suddenly (yes, suddenly) there was a moose right next to the window. I yelled to Eliza, and we jumped up and he looked at us (from about eight feet away, the width of the deck he was up against) sort of leaped in shock at my red bathrobe and morning hair, and ran down the beach. The question is, what if moose were like birds and instead of turning away from the window, he ran toward it and jumped through it? What would we do then? I hope he didn't know  we are having moose steaks for dinner tonight.

First Bike Ride of the Season

We rode out to Lutak this morning on the new pavement in calm sunshine as the tide was coming in. We were just in time to see about a gazillion feeding shorebirds on the flats at the mouth of the Chilkoot River. The eulachon (hooligan) are in so there were plenty of hungry sea lions splashing and waving their flippers. A dozen or so dipnetters  were getting ready to scoop up the little greasy fish.  We saw Richard on his bike on the road to the lake (too much snow to pedal past the weir) and he said he's been listening to a wolf sing in the evening.

Ravens Brew

Raven's Brew coffee of Ketchikan is sponsoring my book tour this spring, and they are adding a bunch of stuff about it to their site, including a sneak preview where you may a read a chapter if you'd like to, soon, I think.  Now I'm off to help some friends dip net for eulachon. So much for washing the windows.

Housekeeping, Again

It was so nice to wake up to the gulls calling and diving out the window this morning. It looks more like spring back east, but sounds more like it here. The Eulachon are in and the sky over the tide flats looks like a ticker-tape parade with all the birds.  I have posted the final cover of the new book, it is nice, bike riding moose and all.  What's an Alaskan author to do? (I figure two books makes me an author, right?) The books are on their way to bookstores now, and will be available May 18th most places, except Haines, where they will be on sale beginning May 17th.



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