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Joy in Mudville.

Another beautiful day, ( although a bit muddy underfoot ),  made even more so by the BIG  news from the Borough committee meeting last night. 

Watershed Good News

Went to the Borough Assembly meeting last night, and it was pretty good. Part of becoming a grandmother, I figure, is to stand up for things that make this community the kind that Caroline should be raised in. Mind you, I am a woman who thinks four hens are enough to change the world. They give us all the fresh eggs we need. In other words, we don't need to do a bunch of big things, just little ones, and we also need to support the groups already doing them.

A Chilkat Morning

I jogged around town this morning and then home from Morning Muscles. I had that Chelsea morning song in my head, it was so nice. I changed it to Chilkat morning though. On Lynn Canal there were calm seas, and a very light northerly. The roads were dry with some ice on the low places, but plenty of snow was still banked up on the sides and covering the yards. Woodsmoke drifted from a few chimneys. A little lavendar brightened the gray and white sky. The boat harbor was quiet. Main Street deserted. Dale was cleaning the library.

The Merchants Lost

The Haines Merchants couldn't beat Angoon tonight. I think it was 104-96. We gave up on the radio, but had a text message from the gym. Apparently the guys rallied at the end, but not quite enough.   

Merchants Won

 We didn't hear the game very well, since the reception on KINY ( a Juneau radio station) was like being in a rusty submarine in a hurricane with a howling pack of wolves. But the Haines team won. The Merchants are in the championship game tonight against Angoon. They beat Hydaburg last night 115-103. My son-in-law said they played much better, and it could have even been a bigger lead if they stepped up the defense. Baby Caroline, Sarah, and their dog Madi are spending the weekend, since we are the only ones home. Chip is skiing at the Buckwheat and Brian is at Gold Medal.

Glacier Glee?

At choir practice last night our director, Nancy Nash, said, "How about the Glacier Glee Club?" She has been trying to think of names for our women's chorus. "I like it, it sounds like an East Coast name." But Annie, who is from Maine, shook her head and said, "no, definitely not." And  the rest of us agreed. Although, really, I don't care what we are called, I just like the singing. "It came to me at the Salvation Army," (while she was going through rummage sale items) Nancy said. She still thinks we should wear matching scarves or hats. I like tiaras.

Haiku A Day

I found this wonderful link to a great way not to be grumpy in March. Fellow Algonquin author Julia Alvarez, who lives in Vermont, wrote a Haiku a day to get through the manic month.  This may be a better approach than swearing at your snow shovel. Read them, and try writing one of your own.  I am not writing poems today, I have a column due for the Dispatch.

Gold Medal Basketball

It's Spring break and that means the annual Gold Medal Basketball Tournament in Juneau. Klukwan is playing now, I think. The Haines Merchants have advanced in the Mighty B Bracket, and play again Thursday night. You can hear the game and watch it on the internet at the KINY Juneau radio website. Here's a link to the game schedule, too.

Needing Nothing But Spring

My husband's hunting partner John just called. He calls every morning at about seven. When I picked up the phone he said, "Nice stinking day. There's a hell of a lot of snow out there." He didn't wait for me to reply. I could see for myself that there was a good two feet,  and it is still snowing. "I couldn't get out the front door," he said. "I had to go around the back. I just got plowed out yesterday, and now we have to do it again." He was laughing. "Where's the old man?" He asked, and I called my husband. Then John said he was spending a fortune on snow removal.



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