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A Little Night Music

 Tonight the Haines  A'Capella Women's Choir (HAWC with a hard C) will be rehearsing at the new Haines Assisted Living home (HAL)  from 6:00-7:00. (Click the link for the Dec.16 KHNS feature to hear more.) This would be a nice time to enjoy a sort of impromptu concert, to meet us, and to visit with HAL residents and staff. We may not be HAWC for long. Our director Nancy Nash thinks we are ready for a proper name.

All is Loud and Dark

It is still dark,  and I am listening to the sounds of my house waking up. The radio is on in the kitchen and in the upstairs bathroom. My son is playing his guitar and singing "A Boy Named Sue". My husband has come up from the cellar and says to three of his grown children, "do you have anything you want in the basement? If so, check in my truck, because I just threw everything out." Then he goes back down and does some more pull-ups.  

Something Funny

On my way to jog I checked on the chicken coop. I unplugged the electric fence, scooped some cracked corn and layer mix into the feeder and found one cool egg in the laying boxes. Four hens, one egg a day. Production is low right now. I forgot about the egg until I warmed up on Cemetery Hill, and took my mittens off. When I went to stuff them in my pocket there was an egg in it, luckily, still whole. I managed to run the whole loop without breaking it.

New Column is Up

 This week's column is up at the Alaska Dispatch. They are posted every Friday night. It is a busy day today, we are off to skate at 11 mile ( I will wear a helmet) find a Christmas tree somewhere up on the ledges out there, stop in at the museum open house, hopefully catch the puppet show at three at the Klondike, (If you have little ones, Mrs.

A Beautiful Gesture From the Uglys

Tomorrow evening at the Legion the Haines Uglys (yes, that's how they spell it) --formerly the U.M.F.s,  which stands for exactly what you might guess, thus the name change-- will host their annual Grub for Gifts party. It's an all you can eat dinner of pulled pork, salads and desserts for the price of one un-wrapped new gift for a child or teen, or ten bucks to help the Uglys buy gifts for needy local families.

Putting the Chickens to Bed

There may be only 11 days until the shortest the day of the year, but the bears are still moving. I know they are up the Chilkat River feeding on dying salmon in the open leads because hunting guides are still pursuing them. But I have also heard of one on Mud Bay Road, about three miles south of my house, that broke into a hen house and had eight chickens for a midwinter night's snack. The owners had assumed that the bears were asleep.

Some Good News

 Quick, before it snows, my friend Tom says the ice skating is perfect at 11 mile. Also, Jesse Piper is going to the state wrestling tournament and Tiana Taylor is helping to raise funds for his travel. If you'd like to contribute stop by the school office. And If you need your dog cleaned up for the holidays, Ivanca Jones is back home and ready to groom. I'm taking Phoebe tomorrow.

Haines For Hanukkah

 The Christmas holidays are in full swing in Haines. There is only one bazaar left, at the ANB Hall this Saturday. We've had the Lighting of the Library and the Lighting of the Fort, the Christmas cookie and candy contest and the school concert. Saturday is the Christmas parade and the community Christmas musical. After that it will get real quiet.
Which is the opposite of how it is supposed to be if you are an Episcopalian like me. (Father Blaney calls me a non-union Catholic.)



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