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A Correction and a Little News

I did get both flu shots on Friday, the H1N1 and the seasonal flu, and survived the weekend without anything worse than a sore arm. But, I made a mistake--the H1N1 shot is Free-- it is the seasonal flu shot that is 27 dollars. I apologize. Deb Stanford wanted to be sure everyone knows that the H1N1 is free, since the Public Health Center really wants you to be immunized.

A Laptop Fast

My friend Bobbi used to take media-fasts, something I reminded all of us who keep compulsively clicking on all news about T.W.I.W.N.N. in my last Dispatch column. All I can say is thank goodness for Tiger Woods' angry wife for bumping her off the front pages.

An Olive Oil Tip Heloise Won't Tell You

 Here's a what I have learned about olive oil from my daughters: when one was eight, she taught me that olive oil is a great way to remove head lice. We rubbed her hair (and ours) in it, then wrapped our heads in plastic bags over night, and in the morning the nits slid right off on the combs.
And today I learned from my pregnant adult daughter that olive oil also helps babies slide out of the birth canal. Apply it liberally during the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Locked Out

 Sorry to be quiet today. I got locked out of my blog and couldn't get back in. These cyber offices are not for the forgetful. Write passwords down and put them someplace besides the pile of papers on your desk.

Get Completely Well

 I was feeling well enough to stand up and make turkey soup yesterday, but felt like I'd climbed Mt. Ripinsky afterward, not the good tired, the sore muscle tired. Then I saw a note from my friend Doris Ward. She gave me some tips for Duly Noted, if you have an item for the column for the next three weeks, please let me know, I'm filling in for the vacationing Sara.

Writing My Will

 Just kidding, I'm feeling a little better today, I'm cool instead of hot, and can swallow. But I understand now how the influenza in 1919 (I think that was the year) killed more people than battles did in  WW I.
Also, I wanted to let you know that I'm getting a lot of email, and hopefully replying to all of it, but I don't have a system yet that shows which ones I've answered. I am terrible at snail mail, so if you've sent a card or letter, try email next time, or call me.

You Can Give Thanks Every Day

Thanksgiving was going to be a small enough crowd this year to sit down at the table. The Nashes were having their own dinner, with all twenty of them, but two of the girls got stuck in Juneau as there was no ferry Weds. and a snowstorm kept planes grounded. But Thurs. the snow turned to rain and it got really windy and so they made it up on time, although Corrie said the landing was a little sketchy, to say the least, as they bounced around over the river and made the hair pin turn to the runway.

Not All News is Good News

 I'm not really in the real news business. But my friend Tom, the editor of the Chilkat Valley News did make me think yesterday, when he noted that my work this week for the paper  is not the kind of news I usually write about.  We were upstairs above Main Street in the newspaper office, talking about this week's paper. I am writing an obituary of a nineteen year old Native single mother with a year old baby. She died in Juneau on Sunday morning, no one is sure what of. Her body has been sent to Anchorage for an autopsy. 

Outward Signs of Grace

 We baptized baby Aurelia Trinity yesterday at St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Mission. Her young parents Franny and Addison used to live here and came up from Juneau for the blessed event. And yes, this was literally a blessed event, there were all kinds of blessings and prayers.  

Something Even Funnier

An email from my wandering son, the first in weeks mind you: 
Hey mom, all is good. I went sky diving today, pretty sweet jumping out of a plane at 12000 feet, not much else is new. I'm heading back to Dunedin soon to get back to the surf. Hope everything is good and your novel is going well.



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