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Something Funny

 "It smells really good in here" my daughter Eliza said coming in the door from her day teaching. We have been home for ten days alone-- my husband has been deer hunting, my other Haines daughter and her husband have been in Mexico, the two younger girls are at UAA and my son is, according to his facebook page, getting in touch with nature somewhere in New Zealand.

Obits In the News

 I am supposed to be writing a new Dispatch column, but my head is still in this novel I'm finishing a draft of and I'm finding it hard to shift gears. (I love saying that, "this novel I'm writing." It sounds so crazy.)  Also, it is 19 degrees, snowing and still dark enough to need a desk lamp to see at almost noon. I just got off the phone with a woman from New York doing a story for NPR about obituaries, and I'm pretty sure no one from there will ever call me again. I ranted and raved for a half hour about paid vs. unpaid obituaries.

Morning Muscles

I woke up at five fifteen, looked out the window at the snow,  pulled on snow pants, boots and a coat over my pajamas, turned the coffee on and went outside  in the white dark and shoveled my way to the car and then swept the snow off, started it, and scraped and brushed the windows clear before wading  up the driveway to the road to see if the snow was too deep for the Subaru.  The road had been plowed yesterday,and so had my driveway, so the new snow was manageable. Good thing, because I didn't want to miss my Morning Muscles exercise class.

Oprah and Us

I Think I will I need to breathe some, before I comment on Oprah and the W.I.W.N.N. I will say that we had a nice turn out for the show, although the dogs seemed to be in charge, and at one point there may have even been more dogs than people. That's when I put two of mine in the car in the driveway.

Saving the Sales Campaign

I was at Olerud's store, not too long ago, checking out with a shopping cart full of groceries, when a friend holding a red pepper and bunch of cilantro looked at it and said I could save a lot of money at Costco. (In Juneau) I said "But I want Candy to have a job, and her husband to be the fire chief, and her children to be in our school."  Also, by the time I take the car to Juneau on the ferry and spend the night in a hotel and eat Thai food and go to a  movie and the eye doctor I could have bought a ticket to Belize. Anyway, my friend, who is a smart guy, looked at me funny.

Jumping In

This coming week we will be hearing a lot from our ex-governor, The Woman I Will Not Name, and as one of my favorite political bloggers sort of put it, the only choices are 1. Finding an uninhabited tropical island (my first choice, but I've got four dogs and four chickens to care for and my husband is deer hunting and it has just snowed about a foot and someone has to shovel) or 2. Hold your nose and jump in.

Points of Light

 Remember that volunteer program  called 1,000 points of light? I was thinking about that this morning at our Hospice of Haines board meeting. We were up at the volunteer coordinator's house, since she has a newborn baby girl and a small son and said it would be easier for her.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

This just in, this website and blog are not endorsed by the Haines Convention and Visitor's Bureau, (which it appears is a good thing) who today declined a link request  because my writing does not present a positive impression of Haines. Here is what the Haines Tourism Director Lori Stepansky had to say in rejecting my request for a link to this blog, website and column in the Dispatch under her "Haines in the News" section:

Blowin' Like a Bandit

 There's a Guy Clarke song, Blowin' Like a Bandit, that comes to mind on mornings like this, and nights like last night. It goes " out there on the gulf the wind is blowin' like a bandit, they're talkin' 'bout a hurricane and your riggin will not stand it." I knew it was bad when the smell of smoke woke me around two, and the house shuddered like the ferry does in high seas. Before bed I had filled the woodstove, damped it down and flipped the lever on the catalytic converter.

There Is No Army Family Day

 I am still a bit afraid of just putting words out there without the benefit of an editor's eyes, or for that matter spell check ( I haven't figured out how to incorporate that into my blog.) This is like writing a journal, I suppose, only one that everyone reads. Which is what a column is like, to some extent. The trick with a good column is for it to read as if it were something I just happened to think of. The blog really is. I am also only half-way through my first cup of coffee, so that's a dangerous time to write anything.



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