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12th Day of Christmas

We did sing one last Christmas song in choir practice last night, since technically it is still the Christmas season. Today is Epiphany, January 6, the day the three kings brought gifts to baby Jesus. It is also the day- I'm not sure now how many years ago - that my son had appendicitis and we rushed him to the Whitehorse, Yukon hospital, for emergency surgery, but you can read about that in If You Lived Here. Since we spent Christmas in Mexico this year (where today little children receive gifts from the kings, rather than Santa on Dec.

Snow on Snow

All I can say is it's a good thing I didn't slide in the ditch this morning, since I was wearing a flowered flannel nightgown with Xtra Tuffs. I would have had some explaining to do. JJ needed a ride up and over the hill to Sarah's to babysit, and that seemed simple enough in the pre-dawn kitchen, until we had to wade out to the garage in knee deep snow. We figured we could surf the Subaru out the driveway and land on a firm road, but there was even more snow out there. Still, once we were committed, we kept driving in a slow, fish tail way seeking the ruts of others.

Home Sweet Home

 I didn't realize my neighbor Arlene Jackson's memorial service (the active, fit 71 year old widow died suddenly at Thanksgiving of a stroke) was at one on Friday- I had thought it was two- I had been in the house a few minutes when Annette called about our tickets for the community players New Year's Eve murder mystery dinner theater, but she didn't have time to hear about our trip because she had to get to the church for Arlene's service. I was still in my ferry jeans, but hung up and did the same thing. The parking lot was full and so was the church.

The Song of Sisters

To travel from Sayulita, Mexico to Haines, Alaska takes two days in the best of all scenarios-- and luckily we arrived home just before the big New Year's storm. (The snow was over our tallest boots by yesterday afternoon. So deep that Roger and Nancy and the boys had to drive a loader over for dinner last night, but that's another story.) We left Mexico and flew to Seattle Wednesday, spent the night at an airport hotel, flew to Juneau Thursday morning, and then the two husbands took a six seater plane home to Haines in stormy weather to get back to work.

A Sayulita Postcard & Happy New Year

I feel a little like Madeline (I've been reading my granddaughter Madeline's Christmas for two weeks in Mexico), you know how at the end the twelve little girls are back in Paris just in time to wish everyone a happy new year? Before I say anything about my trip, as 2011 closes, I especially want to thank you for reading what I write. You have no idea how much it means to me. Without you, I wouldn't be a writer. Literary art (and yes, I think writing is an art, if you want to get all high-minded about it), just like music, drama, or the visual arts, is a two-way street.

The Snow Dragon Tradition Continues

We lined up the Snow Dragon parts on the tables at the Elk Lodge at the tail-end of Saturday's pool tournament, but the players didn't seem to mind the distraction. As her husband Joe was climbing into the giant foam head, Holly Jo asked how long we have been doing this. Annette, who keeps the dragon skeleton (nine half-barrels) and other parts in her attic said, "21 years."  Then I lifted the 30 lb.

Sunday's Thought

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.- Isaiah 9:6, from the King James Bible. (And go ahead, feel free to sing it.)





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