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Sunday's Thought

"You will improve with practice, but practice will never make you perfect. Why should it? What fun would that be?"- Stephen King in his memoir On Writing

Tricks and Treats

It's going to be a nice night to Trick or Treat for children and for their parents to get crazy and dance around the bonfires or walk from the Pioneer to the Fogcutter bars in costume. Also, we get an extra hour of sleep tomorrow so that's nice, sort of. (Chip just said "now instead of getting up at quarter to five I'll get up at quarter to four.") The weather is supposed to turn cold and snow is in the forecast next week, so I really better get the the geraniums potted for indoors and the dahlia bulbs inside and dry.

Be Ye Kind

A poster with "Be Ye Kind" and a picture of a soft eyed bunny was taped by the door to Mrs. Edwards' primary school classroom when my youngest daughter attended school. (She's going to be 25 soon.) It's funny, but of all the things that must have happened that year; the conferences, the report cards, the home reading logs, field trips, head lice (Or not? I'm not sure now. Imagine that. At the time such things made me hysterical.) Anyway, what I still remember is Be Ye Kind.

Monday Morning Moon Shines

It was funny at the pool this morning as all everyone was talking about was the moon last night, and three different people noted that they thought the motion sensor lights had turned on in the yard from a moose or bear before they realized it was a natural night light. The early bird swimmers caught the moonset over the mountains on the way to the pool and the pink sunrise as lovely as any you'll ever see on the way home. That's the nice thing about dark mornings, and the really nice thing about clear October days. Speaking of the pool, the Thursday after school free swim is a big hit.

Bad Things Come in Threes? So No More Bike Accidents?

I know, what are the odds that I would be on a third medevac flight for a bike accident? This time it was to Anchorage's Providence Hospital rather than Harborview in Seattle, and it wasn't family, rather a friend who is like family. My neighbor Linnus the art teacher collided with a car in the alley behind the school parking lot on her way home from work Thursday and badly broke her lower leg. It's a good thing she is very private and banned social media for the week as the early news was scary and worrisome.

A Little News

Last week's election now has results. Tresham took 19 of the absentee and question ballots last night and Jerry had 7.  (They had been tied 411-411 before the count.) So Tresham is the new assembly member. Congratulations! Also, the assembly voted to reconsider the majorly offensive minor offenses ordinance and sent it back to committee. How about that? Thank you to Joanne for reconsidering her vote and allowing that to happen.



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