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Family and Farm (ish)

I arrived home a few hours before a full house for beerfest weekend and my son's 26th birthday, which he flew home for. I've decided that the Haines beerfest (technically The 23rd Annual Great Alaska Craft Beer and Homebrew Festival) has become like a homecoming weekend for Haines kids-- which makes it even more fun. (They all met lots of friends downtown after the festivities.) It's sort of like the Little Norway Festival in Petersburg, without the Vikings and herring toss. Although it was certainly...colorful. (An iPad screen shot my friend Sue showed us. I was NOT there.)


It is so nice to be home-- I sort of jumped in with both feet and have a very full house this weekend. All five of my children will be home at once-- and all five grandchildren. No, it's not Thanksgiving-- it's the annual Haines beerfest and my son's birthday.

On the Road Again

It's been a flurry of a few days at home-- the sun, the garden, the family, the laundry and the construction-- the bedroom is more or less done, but the bath room is still wrapped in visqueen and tape and all the fixtures are in the hall. Still, I did not spend my time dealing with it-- I can do that when I get home in nine days-- and then I'll be here for a while and get back to keep you posted. I do feel better today, having learned of a new Haines baby to balance off the loss of a beloved former Headstart teacher, which is how the world should roll.

I'm Home for a Few Days, and a Kind of Sunday Thought.

My Dad always used to say it's nice to go away but nicer to come home. I'm not even sure how nice is it is to travel, since I prefer to stay put. I am not an adventurer. My father traveled a lot ( and in case you are wondering why I'm talking about my dad on Mother's Day, it's because my mother died nine years ago, so it's a different sort of day for me. She also never really embraced the whole Mother's Day hoopla, and used to say it was invented by Hallmark to sell cards. But still, I do think of her each Mother's Day, and that's not a bad thing, is it?)


I spent an hour and half on a wonderful blog-- full of love and gratitude for the library  board and staff and Friends who made me feel like a lemon queen at the launch-- and for all of you who came and had me sign so many books- and for this town and the terrific people in it-- and then everything seized up and vanished. I am such a Luddite. Ugh.

I also wanted to share some news: 

It's Here-- Find the Good is Officially Out There!

Today is the publication date for Find the Good, which means it's for sale everywhere-- I hope. I also saw the audio book, they arrived at the Babbling Book store in Haines last week, but I haven't listened to myself yet. I'm not sure I can. It's weird to hear yourself, but you might prefer to be read to, and it's great for people who like to listen to books while commuting or gardening and who can't see well enough to read.  Also, please join me at the library tonight from 5-7 for the launch party, and I'll read you some of the stories in the book in person.

The Calm Before the Storm?

Tomorrow (April 28th) is the big book launch day, and the party at the Haines library 5-7, and then I'm off on tour Friday, first in Palmer at Fireside Books on Saturday, then Powell's in Portland Monday, the Ketchikan Library Wednesday, and then Old Harbor books in Sitka Thursday. ( The whole tour schedule is on my home page..) I am a little nervous, as the early reviews are good, but what does that mean? Nothing, actually. I'm lucky I have a steady friend who leans toward Buddhism.

Good for Another Ten Years

How does "the author" spend the two weeks prior to book launch day -- April 28th? The flu and a colonoscopy! (Do not laugh.) I'm in Juneau, and had "the procedure" yesterday afternoon and (thank goodness) won't need another one for ten years. (Yay!)

 'Nuff said.

 So today I'm celebrating all day with sweet baby James. (More later at nap time.) Have a great Thursday!



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