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Find the Good Tour Schedule

  It's here! The Find the Good tour schedule for the spring tour is done- I will post it properly on my site too, but know some of you are planning your May and would like a head's up. Also, the May 2nd Palmer, Alaska dinner with Fireside Books is ticketed and limited, so please sign up early at the store. It's a fun way to celebrate National Independent Bookseller's Day and to show appreciation for one of Alaska and the Northwest's finest bookstores.

Tuesday, April 28th Launch Party 5:00pm Haines AK Public Library


Can you tell I have the flu? "Whatever"? Honestly.

I read an article about Ronald Reagan and dementia that said one researcher who studied Reagan's word choices while he was in office  concluded that his growing use of vague nouns like "stuff" and "thing" should have flagged doctors that he was Alzheimer's bound. Great. I can't even think in sentences right now.

Sunday's Thought from Anne Lamott

I have the flu, I think. Achy, sore throat, nasty cough, sleepy. I came down with it right after an annual post-health fair check-up when I assured my new doctor that I never get sick, and that she will only see me about once a year, and always in April, as that's when I care most about my health, or more accurately, mortality, since this is the month I was hit by a truck and almost killed, and the month my mother died, and so it's also the time of year when I'm pretty sure that the swollen muscle in my arm is not from swimming too hard on Friday but rather a potentially fatal blood clot.

Wednesday Already?

The Mexican quintet Metales M5 (they were great, "fabulous" even as my friend Nancy would say) managed to fly out today in all this wind and rain. The little airline office at the airport was like a scene from a Marx Brothers movie when they arrived, trying to squeeze in out of the storm with a tuba, French horn, trombone, about ten trumpets, and five big suitcases into a room jammed full of  texting snowboarders plugged into iTunes and their big board bags and duffels strewn every which way.  Just another April day in Haines full of shiny happy people. Seriously.

Something Funny

Before church Easter Sunday I asked Ivy (almost three) if the Easter Bunny had come to her house, and she said, "No."

What no Easter Bunny? 

"Santa Claus left us baskets of candy and presents and Jesus is going to hide eggs in the yard," she said.

Hail Festival Days

There is nothing like a sunny, snow-free, mild Easter to make a whole town smile. It is so nice to be out of the gloom of Lent and in to spring. I keep thinking about what the Dalai Lama said, that death is a change of clothes, and how Jesus would no doubt agree, and I feel better about so many things.

Happy April

With thirteen-plus hours of daylight now, the sun was up when I went to the pool this morning at 6:30, and I think some of the regulars were out walking in the fresh air with all the thrushes and robins where it sounds like spring too-- so the pool was kind of quiet. It will be noisy on Saturday morning with the Dolphins' annual swim-a-thon. The kids are raising thousands of dollars and swimming a lot of laps. One little guy we sponsored is doing 80 laps. Laps, not lengths. 36 laps is a mile. He says he can do it.

Sunday's Thought

“I’ll give you a theory: Man’s closest relative is not the chimpanzee, as the TV people believe, but is, in fact, the dog.”  -- Garth Stein in The Art of Racing on the Rain.




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