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So Busy Taking Care of..

Children! Yesterday I had the brunettes- and I couldn't find my camera, I apologize, but my life has been like that lately in that everything I'm looking for is under  a pile of something I should be doing, before I do what I am actually doing... -- anyway, today I had the blondes.  ( The red head is in Juneau, and did very well in his first week of daycare.)

Sunday's Thought(s)

You may have noticed that I have been unreliable lately. There are many blank days with no notes from me. This is what happens to me when 1. I am finishing a manuscript (all last spring) and 2. When I'm waiting for publication (this spring. April 28th to be precise.) During both these times, it's not that I don't have time, or that I don't care-- rather it's some sort of fear that what I have written is not good enough for you. Really. (I'm not fishing for compliments, so please don't fire off a bunch.

Working Girls

Mostly I pretend I don't really work, and so it's a surprise when I have to pay taxes, or when I think I have been watching Baby James exclusively for two weeks and then I learn that two pieces I've been working on around the edges of my life will be published in Sunday's We Alaskans by the Alaska Dispatch News. One, the cover story, is a profile of Haines' own Rosemary McGuire (38) who has just written her first book of short stories that's out with UA Press this month titled "Creatures at the Absolute Bottom of the Sea." The other is just my regu

I'm Home, and There's a lot Going On

Let's just say baby care and blogging do not go together. (No harm to mommy bloggers, they are no doubt better at multi-tasking and organizing devices than this granny blogger is. Plus, I wanted to be sure I was present, as they say, with young James.) Anyway, I'm home for a bit now, and will do my best to keep you better informed. There's a lot going on. The Freeride World Tour extreme skiers and boarders are here, which is big-- 36 of whe world's best big mountain riders and about 100 support crew and media people. They arrived last week, and are still waiting for avalanche safe snow.

Consider This

I was wrong when I said taking care of a baby is easy as long as you don’t have to do anything else. Or maybe not, as the trouble is there is always something else to do. Like take a shower, or drink your coffee, or start supper.  Or worry about a planning commission meeting that is dividing friends and family and making you cry, and decide that public service may not be for you-- and trying to read the packet again to figure out what it all really means, only it is not a packet at all, but a file on your computer, and paper is easier to shuffle while holding a baby than a laptop.

Another Good Monday

It's not that caring for babies is difficult, that's easy. It's the doing of anything else that's the hard part. Getting dressed for instance. (James and I are still in are pajamas at eight, even though we have been up since six, and his mother has been gone an hour. His father is still at a conference in Portland.) Taking a walk is easy once we are actually moving-- but the prep time can be stressful.

Sunday's Thought

"While I know myself as a creation of God, I am also obliged to realize and remember that everyone else and everything else are also God's creation."-- Maya Angelou



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