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Manic March

Here are a few things to know for Tuesday: Wear your ice grippers, I know they may be a pain to get on and off your boots, but they are better than a broken elbow and we are not out of the woods at all, ice wise. it looks like spring, but at 10 degrees and blowing 25 it's really cold, and while there are bare patches of road and sidewalks, enough even for Chip and I to ride bikes-- as long we go back and forth on the same 3 mile stretch and wear a lot of warm clothes-- the most hazardous parts of each outing are those icy places closest to the doors you want to go in and out of.

Sunday's Thought

"I like to think of myself as a person who catches these pieces. That I reach out and grab the songs that are coming out of my mouth."-- Bobby McFerrin


Gold Seeking

Chip is watching the news, and sees the rusty cans of gold coins worth about ten million dollars a woman walking her dog found in her backyard. She's been walking by the same tree they were buried under for years, apparently. He's also reading The Luminaries, a big historical novel that takes place during the New Zealand Gold Rush era in the nineteenth century.

KHNS Survey Time

I just took the KHNS radio survey-- I love surveys-- especially opinion surveys. I even like those calls at dinnertime asking me about Alaska politics, which was why I was disappointed a few minutes ago when someone who called asking for my husband Chip, but called him "Phillip" and pronounced our last name as if it rhymes with blend,  said I could answer their five questions in his place, and the first question was my political affiliation (which is different than my husband's),  and I answered " Democratic " and the surveyor said "thank you very much" and hung up.

Happy Tuesday

February really is the month of love this year-- The sun! The snow! The wins and grins! Skiing at Chilkoot is so great we keep going back out across the lake-- and we are not the only ones-- Everyone who has been has gone back. I mean, honestly, I have to pinch myself and ask, do I really live here? Is this really just ten miles from home?

What a Busy Weekend!

Here's the schedule of community events, as best as I can figure-- 

Basketball begins this afternoon against Wrangell:

2pm Boys JV

3:30 Girls JV

5:30 Boys Varsity

(The women's choir meets at 5:15, and will sing the national anthem.)

Senior night for girls/cheer team

7:15 Girls Varsity

Tomorrow's games are 2pm Girls JV, 3:30 Boys JV, 5:30 Girls Varsity, Senior night for boys/pep band and 7:15 Boys Varsity.



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