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A Christmas Acrostic


C is for Caroling in the Presbyterian church Christmas Eve, Caroline's princess outfit, and Christian's phone call right on cue.


H is for Home for the Holidays, except for Justin who missed the ferry and couldn't fly because of all the snow.

Sunday's Thought

I was a little stuck this morning, thinking of my Sunday Thought. There's so much seasonal pressure, you know? I first thought a line from a hymn, or carol would do--  but there are so many rolling around in my head right now. Then I thought of something I heard Faulkner once said. When he was asked what he thought of Christianity, he supposedly replied he thought it sounded pretty good and maybe we should try it some time.

Home for the Holidays

I was supposed to be in Juneau to read a piece I wrote about the Snow Dragon, the parade, and the Lighting of the Fort-- my favorite Haines Christmas traditions, for a KTOO and 360 North holiday special on Thursday,  visit my daughters,  and then from Juneau head up to Anchorage for a party. A party. Me. I know. Anyway, the weather was so bad I couldn't fly to Juneau in time for the show, but there was a ferry a day later, on Friday, which I took in a blizzard to see the girls, and because I still was supposed to fly to Anchorage Sunday.

Sunday's Thought

“Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: You don't give up.”  -- Anne Lamott


Glad Tidings of Great Joy.

"Sometimes our best efforts do not go amiss," writes Sheenagh Pugh, in her poem Sometimes, which I've been reciting all morning with gratitude and a happy heart, because last night the Haines Borough Assembly voted to zone the Chilkat Beaches recreational and non-motorized, 4-2 with steadfast supporters Debra Schnabel and Joanne Waterman, former mayor Dave Berry (who phoned in from down south) and, brand new assembly woman Diana Lapham in favor.



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