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Watch Your Hands & A Few Things to Know

Here is a pointer, in case you smash the tip of your finger in a wood-splitter and it swells up and hurts like heck. Don't unwind a paper clip and sterilize the end with  a match and press into the nail. That won't work. Also, a needle probably won't poke through the hard nail to release the blood and swelling behind it either.

Sweet Town of Mine

Ever have one of those moments, when for just a second, everything fits, in a kind of Karmic way? That happened to me yesterday. I was already thinking about saints, and all the people I knew who are no longer with us, as Sunday was All Saints Day at church, when we sing my favorite hymns, and as a bonus, have my favorite lesson-- the one where Jesus reminds us to love our neighbor as ourselves,  and  if someone steals your shirt, give him your coat--  love, love, love is the message.

The First Snow

It was snowing on Mt. Ripinsky when Pearl and I began our walk this morning. By the time we got home a few flurries were flying. At  morning tea-time the ground is much whiter. We had a frost yesterday that was hard enough that in spite of the sunshine and blue sky  the shady playground leaves remained frosted and frozen until Caroline and I stopped by on our way home from church at noon. "It's a lot of quiet time," Caroline said. "Fresh air is what I want." I warned her not to slip on the decks of all the big and little forts and slides in Tlingit Park.

Good News about Haines in the Sunday Papers

First, read all about Haines High grad and my neighbor, Kyle Fossman's UAA game against BYU in the Anchorage Daily News (they didn't win but in the exhibition game against a D1 school, UAA & Kyle were tough) and then check out the feature and slide show of the new Haines distillery in the Alaska Dispatch (I told you already I was writing it, but the new business, and Haines, are r

Sunday's Thought

Riding bikes yesterday with my friend Rob from Juneau, I asked if he cycled to work. "I walk," he said. It's only 3/4 of  a mile from his condo to the office. Then he said his daily discipline is to pick up one piece of trash each way. He said you'd think there would be days when he wouldn't find any, but so far, that's never happened. "But you know," he said. "It got me thinking. Who drops this trash, and why?

Thanks Giving

Maybe it's because today is November, or maybe it's because I'm a little light headed from the Fall Flush (sans Halloween candy, sans red wine, sans cheese with my apples), but it's probably because when you take away a few things you become thankful for what you do have, and you realize it's a lot. A whole lot.

The Cover of the Patagonia Catalog

Yes, Haines is once again sort of famous. Or at least in a lot of mail boxes this week. The Snow 2013 issue of the Patagonia Catalog has a dramatic Haines avalanche on the cover. Which made my heart stop after the fatal accidents of the last two heli-ski seasons. The good news is that the boarder at the top of the slide was able to stop-- and that he's Haines resident Ryland Bell, which must be a first, and is pretty great for him and us. Still, the image and especially this caption, caused me to reach for the rosary beads, "Wake-up call.

What You May Need to Know This Week

Halloween keeps on giving in Haines through the weekend--  The Babbling Book has Halloween stickers and tattoos and next door at Buckshot and Bobby Pins there are wigs. The Uglys haunted house will be open 6:00 to about 8:30 on Halloween in the ANB Hall, and the  Pioneer iPod DJ dance party for adults begins at 9:00. There's no school Friday so trick-or-treaters and their parents can recover. Also, it's still so mild that  not only trick-or-treaters are out and about in the dark.

Fit and Well-er Fall Flush

This morning was the first day of the Fall Flush with the Well& Fit group-- two weeks of cleansing and re-energizing myself thanks to giving up at least 2, hopefully more (and reducing the rest), -- of wheat, dairy, sugar, coffee & alcohol. And adding 20 minutes (or more) of a new activity each day. I am cutting it all except one cup of coffee and enough milk to make it light each morning. And I added swimming. In the pool locker room this morning at 7 am I told Joanie ,a retired nurse, who was surprised to see me there, all about the Flush.



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