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Moose Hunting

The first weekend of  the Haines moose hunt is over, and we have survived, and so have the moose in our sites, anyway. I hear four have been taken so far. We have until the first week in October or until 25 or so have been shot.

A Lot Going on in Haines. It Must be Fall.

Okay, I'm back in the groove-- So, I wanted to let you know what's going on-- and there's a ton-- though I don't have it all but I have a few highlights, anyway. First, the bears are out so be careful. There's been bears at the beach, bears at the boat harbor, bears on the ramp at the cannery. A baby bear was hit by a car by the airport. There's a sow with three cubs sleeping on Pyramid Island, bears at Lutak and bears crossing the roads in town. Make sure your trash is secure and the electric fence is on.

The Circle of Love

My daughter said the birth of her second baby was so much easier than the first, which is proof that something Biblical really does remove our memory when it comes to pregnancy, labor, and delivery. But in Juneau's Bartlett hospital on Saturday morning I did not want to remind Stoli about that August medevac to Anchorage, the measures taken to slow the early labor down and save little Silvia Rose, and six weeks away from home, because here she was, as perfect as a baby could be,  plenty big, at 7lbs. 8 oz.

She's here!

Facebook friends know this because Auntie  JJ posted it via her phone there-- but yes, I have a healthy, 7lb. 8 oz. granddaughter-- that makes four! One more and Brian will have a whole family team, but I don't see another baby on the horizon for while, and certainly not in time to make this  Lady Glacier Bear team. (Caroline is 3 1/2, Lani 18 mos., Ivy 15 mos.)  Silvia Rose was born  Saturday morning a little after 5 at Bartlett Hospital in Juneau swiftly and easily, as childbirth goes, after only about three hours of labor.

On My Way to Juneau

Stoli thinks the baby may be coming "soon-ish", and since she's already 1/3 of the way there, I figure I better head down to Juneau soon-ish too, plus it will be nice to spend the weekend with three of my girls.

Labor Day? Not so Far..

My bet was the baby would arrive on Labor Day, but so far no signs in the night have indicated that. This baby just may be a full-term one after all. Wouldn't that be something? (Today she's 38 weeks pregnant, that's when Lani was born.) It is also more than a little ironic that it is Labor Day and my new book is just about done. I've been holed up at my desk all weekend (and all of the available hours this summer that weren't  filled up by weddings and babies and gardens and company and dog walking and meals and  bike riding-- 3,000 miles worth all within 40 miles of home.

No Baby Yet

There's no baby yet, although we are starting a pool amongst the family of when she will arrive and what her name will be. My friends Nancy and Sue are still lobbying, as they have with each granddaughter now, for a little Nancy Sue, which I kind of like, since these days she would be the only Nancy Sue at school and since I do adore Nancy and Sue.

Everything is Fine

Yesterday my daughter Sarah said I really have to check in, as you are worried something may be wrong. Everything is fine. My daughter  Stoli is still up in Anchorage, and that baby is still growing inside of her, so it has been a very big three weeks, development wise. (Her due date is Sept. 19.)  Stoli's doing great, her husband is a saint and the little one to-be is fine by all accounts. She has less than four more weeks to be full term, and so is pretty much out of the woods.  It's hard being away from Lani and home, so for them, the days-- weeks (!)  have been slow.

No Such Thing as "a" Baby...

I wish I had my camera yesterday when little Lani and I were on the beach, and saw two kite boarders skipping over the surf, flying between the cove and Pyramid Island in the strong wind-- and how one, my neighbor James, who has a South African accent, came zooming right up to us on the shore, dumped the big sail, and stepped onto the beach in his wetsuit and harness, holding the slick board, and said hello-- it was a 007 moment--  I half expected him to peel off the suit and reveal a dinner jacket-- after a little chat, he hopped back into the water , hooked up his board and said goodbye,



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