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Merry Christmas!

Now it's time to turn off the computer, stuff the turkey,  switch on some carols, open the gifts, and wish you-- and family, friends, pets, and the whole wide world a very Merry Christmas, and most especially, in this sometimes overconnected world, to be "present" for all the gifts of the day.


A Haines pre-Christmas Postcard

The house is filling up, and so are the fridge and the pantry. I still have to wrap a few things, and even do a little last minute shopping- but I figure if I can't get it in Haines, I don't need it anyway. It is very cold-- zero at 2 when the sun set this afternoon, and with a strong north wind feels colder, but we are staying warm and having fun. Here are a few photos of the last few days-- 

Solstice sunrise dog walk,

Never to cold for a milkshake,

A Christmas Coffee Cake Tradition From My Home to Yours

Once a year I bake Grandma Smith's sour cream coffee cake. We have it every Christmas morning. That means I've done it for thirty years now. (Before that my mother did)-- And once a year, about this time,  I can't find the recipe. I look through all the cookbooks that I thought I had taped the index card inside, and later (after I lost the index card) the two little desk notes I had taped together, or was it on a sticky piece of yellow legal paper? One year, after I called my mother, I scribbled it on the back of a Christmas card, that should be easy to find.

A Holly Jolly Dragon of a December Weekend Postcard

From walking on the beach in the beautiful dusky dawn of these short December days, a family breakfast, the Snow Dragon and parade with Pizza Joe and the Uglys Gifts for Grub dinner, to the Holly Jolly Follies Christmas show--Little Dave was a terrific tree, "Bruce the Spruce", Darlene reprised "The Fruitcake Lady" and Ole sang the Lutefisk Song---- it was a busy, bright, slightly wacky Haines holiday weekend. 


Sunday's Thought

When I heard what happened in Connecticut I couldn't breathe. All those innocent little children,  and good school teachers killed-- two of my daughters are elementary teachers-- and now more details emerge. Names. Olivia, Charlotte, Emilie. Where is God in this? I asked a pastor friend,  when he called to see if I was okay. He suggested we could pray together over the phone. Episcopalians don't usually do that,  and I don't think I ever have done that before-- but it seemed like a better response than sitting alone at my desk sobbing, so I said sure.

Ice Gripper Alert

 Oh my, be careful out there-- the rain and wind has made slick smooth ice everywhere, except I suppose the rink, which will take a few days to recover once the temperatures drop again (they say Sunday it's supposed to be in the teens.) Folks have already taken a few spills, but today it's even worse, so please where your grippers on the ice-- but not on the floor. One friend stepped off the mat in her kitchen on the way to walk a dog, and down she went. He neck and shoulders are still sore.



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