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Up and at 'em, it is.

Due to an overwhelming response to my inquiry earlier today, I figured you deserved an update. The phrase is, "Up and at 'em," not Atom or possibly Adam (which in my defense, makes some sense, as Adam  was the first person ever to wake in the morning... )Also, Atom is kind of bouncy too, and the popularity of the phrase did come from that old cartoon-- turns out Atom Ant's mantra was "Up and at 'em, Atom Ant!"  But here's where it gets even more interesting.

Happy Thursday

About ten of us braved the wind and ice to creep and drive over to Morning Muscles in the middle of the night- at least that's what 6 am feels like these dark mornings. But Marnie got us up and atom pretty quick (or is it Adam? anybody know?) I was totally awake thanks to a medical emergency at five am. After letting Pearl out, and feeding her, my husband called up the stairs to wake me up, and then said, "Pearl looks like a Pit Bull, check out her face." Pearl was already asleep on the warm bed I had just vacated. She looked awful-- eyes swollen shut, lumpy face-- what the heck?

Mornings Like This

Another high wind warning, it has been blowing pretty good most of November, and it's cold. But last night when I was falling asleep the wind seemed friendlier, and my room felt more like a cozy berth on a ship at sea, and so I slept deeply and later than usual.

Giving Tuesday

I didn't shop on Black Friday, the family was all here and it was too nice just being with everyone, and then I didn't order anything on-line on Cyber Monday ( I rarely, if ever, shop that way. I'm a local shopper) though I did string a few lights in the windows to brighten the dark days. I will make a donation today on Giving Tuesday. My husband and I were talking last night about the idea of Giving Tuesday, and how in Haines anyway, it is almost redundant-- I mean, we all give, a lot, all the time, of both time and money.

Prayers of the People

Saturday night friends arrived with a niece who drove to Haines for the holiday and two of her friends and sort of co-workers, if that's what troops are, from Anchorage.  They were two young women and a young man-- a blond Californian, a Malaysian immigrant by way of Texas, and a Kentucky farm boy-- all Captains in the Army, all recently returned from Afghanistan. We played a dice game called Busto, and laughed and didn't talk about war, and what they knew that I hope I never do.

What a Writer is Thankful For

I used to dread the big holiday columns for newspapers and magazines-- Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter-- I was always better with the lesser days, the days when the whole world wasn’t writing about the same subject, which is why I still miss my weekly Anchorage Daily News column and even the monthly Woman’s Day column I wrote for two years. Columns are my favorite genre. Bloggers and guest columnists now fill in that slice-of-life gap in those publications, and in many. They are a good deal for a publisher, as they usually write for free.

It's Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins

Sitka challenger Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins got 32 more votes than Haines incumbent Bill Thomas, which means he is the winner for the Alaska house district 34 seat. For now. Last week both candidates said with it this close they'd ask for recounts. I hope Bill doesn't, as it seems that the good folks at elections have been careful. 32 votes is not 2, or even 7, or 16. 32 is a classroom with too many kids in it. 32 is a Varsity, JV, and Freshman squad basketball team. In Haines, and even in bigger Sitka, 32 is a crowd.

A Few Things to Know for the Holiday

First, they are counting the last votes in the Thomas, Kreiss-Tomkins election this morning. I'll let you know what happens. Also-- today the ferry arrives at 11:30(there's one tomorrow too),  school is out at 2,  the bank is serving pumpkin pie, tonight at 7 the Presbyterians host a community Thanksgiving church service, tomorrow at 8:30 is a  special, all invited to give it a whirl yoga session at the school followed by the Turkey Trot at 9:45.  Community dinners begin at noon at the Port Chilkoot Bible Church and the Assembly of God.



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