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Summer is Coming, Honest.

Yesterday one of my adult daughters said, "This year will be remembered for its divorces, people moving out of town,  30 feet of snow,  and no summer. I think they are all related." Okay, she was having a bad day. It is a little discouraging though. Last summer when we ate the first fresh salmon there was a big bowl of garden salad to go with it. My poor lettuces are starting to fill out, but the carrots remind me of a teenage boy's mustache. If you look very closely you can see their little green whiskered tops.

It's the 20th Anniversary of the Bike Race? Time Flies.

I am surprised that the whole bike race thing is still so emotional for me. I am more than a little scattered this morning and I have a lot to do before we leave this afternoon. It has been seven years since I was run over while training for the annual Kluane to Chilkat International Bike Relay. (Every ride before the June race is a training one.) I'll be fine, of course I will. I'm lucky to be able to walk, much less ride. My friend Bruce is volunteering on the radio now and he just played a gospel tune about dying and going to heaven, which made me pause, some.

Puppy Dreams

The cold windy weather is perfect for sleeping in, especially when we are taking a few days off from the early morning cycles to rest for Saturday's relay. Well, there is nothing like a puppy to change plans. A  nine week old Springer spaniel. He is a gift for a friend, and supposed to be a surprise,  so we got to keep him last night. Pearl was not overjoyed to be displaced in our attentions for the evening, but Phoebe was actually less grumpy than usual.  We set the little guy's kennel next to her bed, and she slept by him all night without a whimper.

Windy Wednesday

I was feeling pretty good about the messy draft of my new book until I went to the bookstore yesterday and saw that Anna Quindlen had already written the final draft. Actually, we are pretty different, but I am a huge fan. I'll buckle down again, as soon as I babysit Lani, go to my Hospice of Haines board meeting, and help Chip drop off the cones and barriers for the Kluane to Chilkat International Bike Relay checkpoints from here to the summit today.

Going to Tok or Nearby and Want Some Company?

 How could I not put the two French girls, Amelie and Marion, up for a few nights when they had me sign a hard cover of If You Lived Here,  which they carried in a back pack all the way from the mid-west and came to Haines because of it? They have hitchhiked from Rio to here, and are on their way to Prudhoe Bay to see the Arctic coast.  Also, I thought of their poor mother and figured I could make her feel better by looking out for them-- they did say she was a little worried--especially about the hitching part.

Betty Found me but I Didn't Find Anne Lamott

It was a two cruise ship week, and on the morning of the first ship Nelle called just as I was having my second cup of coffee and said there was  a nice older lady and her two daughters on a tour right now, headed up to Fred's shop with Barb (who was wearing a pink jacket and would be easy to spot) and would I run over and say hi? They had read my books and that's why they came to Haines, she said. Well, of course Pearl and I hopped right over, and we chatted some and Betty and her daughters Shannon and Meredith and I set a time for coffee at Mt. Market later that afternoon.

Try Again

Papa Bob just left for a massage, the dog is walked and dishes are done, and since it's raining I figured I had a minute to catch you up-- then Stoli called and asked if I'd watch baby Lani while she went to Zumba. Well, of course. So you'll have to settle for the most recent family photo (all of us except Eliza, but she was actually here last night and has already flown back to Juneau, but somehow wtih all the activity we missed the photo-op).




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