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Betty Found me but I Didn't Find Anne Lamott

It was a two cruise ship week, and on the morning of the first ship Nelle called just as I was having my second cup of coffee and said there was  a nice older lady and her two daughters on a tour right now, headed up to Fred's shop with Barb (who was wearing a pink jacket and would be easy to spot) and would I run over and say hi? They had read my books and that's why they came to Haines, she said. Well, of course Pearl and I hopped right over, and we chatted some and Betty and her daughters Shannon and Meredith and I set a time for coffee at Mt. Market later that afternoon.

Try Again

Papa Bob just left for a massage, the dog is walked and dishes are done, and since it's raining I figured I had a minute to catch you up-- then Stoli called and asked if I'd watch baby Lani while she went to Zumba. Well, of course. So you'll have to settle for the most recent family photo (all of us except Eliza, but she was actually here last night and has already flown back to Juneau, but somehow wtih all the activity we missed the photo-op).


Granny and the Queen

When Granny was at our house for a Lenten soup supper and conversation with the rest of the church folks, she sipped ginger ale and asked if I minded if she took her teeth out. They just don't fit well. Of course I said no and got her a napkin to keep them safe. Her elderly cattle dog Sissy stayed home, as Granny wasn't sure about my dogs' temperament. Sissy would have been fine, she is polite in church, only whining occasionally when the sopranos sing the descant. Granny and Sissy walk to worship services from the Deishu Native low income senior housing apartments.

A Balanced Life?

There was talk at the Skagway North Words writing symposium about "balance," as in leading  a balanced life-- you know-- one devoted to art and literature and observing the world around us-- play, friends, family-- outdoors, silence, time, and space. Saving the world. Saving your soul. You get the idea. The feeling is, especially among women, I think, that we need to find ways to balance the obligations we have to our children and spouses, families, and job-- with the life we want to lead, that is somehow just for us.

Sunday's Thought from Kim Heacox

 "Be grateful. Be modest. Celebrate the success of others. Find your rewards and identity in something other than money. Simplify your life. Go outside. Stay healthy. Never give up. Laugh often."

Alaskan author Kim Heacox entertaining and educating hiking writers at the North Words writers symposium in Skagway yesterday.

Heavy Lifting for the Soul at Morning Muscles

I'm re-thinking my anger over the club which hosts the Masters golf tournament not allowing women because there was  a man in Morning Muscles today. He was a rafter type. A summer guide looking fellow. Young, blond, tattooed. Strong. (He had 12 pound weights, I use 8. Although a few really buff gals lift 10.) He was very nice, polite, and not at all concerned that he was the only guy in the room, even when a few of us joked about it, in a nervous kind of way.



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