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A Few Things to Know for this Weekend

School is out for the summer. The library summer reading program kick-off is today at 11 at the library, and that's also where the Rasmuson Foundation staff will be giving a workshop on their Tier 1 grant program for non-profits from 3-4. There will be a reception with the visiting folks from the wonderfully generous Rasmuson Foundation following that from 4-5pm. The Low Tide lady golfers from Juneau are coming to play and there's a potluck at 6 at the golf course. The brew fest brewers dinner is tonight, at six, but it is sold out.

1,2,3 Babies in the Window Seat

Last night was the first time all three grand-babies  have been over for dinner. Two slept most of the time, and the third ran around with Pearl until they both had little meltdowns, but it's the thought that counts, and right now I'm thinking about my family, and I can't get Anne Sexton's poem Welcome Morning out of my head "...I mean, though often forget, to give thanks, to faint down by the kitchen table in a prayer of rejoicing..."

The Little Things

There are so many big things going on-- last night's wonderful high school graduation (the best ever, until next year) the first cruise ship of the season, the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Moving Wall on the Parade Grounds, Spring-- not to mention the new baby, the other two grand babies, and our grown children who are almost all home and will be this weekend-- my son's 23rd birthday was yesterday, we are having the cake tonight. -Anyway, like I said, with so many very big things going on that I can't quite wrap my head around them all-- I am grateful for today's little things.

Busy week-- graduation, promotion, beer, memorials, and fishing.

Haines High graduation is tonight at 7 -- and tomorrow also at the school, same time, is 8th grade promotion. Tomorrow at noon on the Parade Grounds the American Legion opens the Moving Wall exhibit, a traveling version of the Vietnam War  memorial wall, then Friday the 20th annual (and all sold-out) Great Alaskan Craft Beer  fest kicks off with the brewers dinner.

An Obituary Out-Take Worth Sharing

Last week I wrote an obituary for Jim Mock (54) who died of complications from long-ago radiation treatments for cancer. It is so sad, he was a really nice guy. One paragraph of the obituary didn't get printed. Mostly because of space considerations - the number of pages are determined  not by the news but rather by the ads, which pay for the paper-- and because the editor, my friend Tom, is not a sentimental dog person like I am, and since the obituary was about Jim, not his dog, Tom made the cut.

Hello Ivy Kathryn!

 Three days early but right on time as far we are all concerned-- her dad and I caught the last plane to Juneau last night, arrived at 9:15pm, and little Ivy made her entrance into the world at 1:01 am. Sarah's big sister Eliza and I are busy with Ivy's big sister Caroline, and  we all need a nap-- but here's a few pictures--

Monday Morning News, Sort of.

Well, Saturday's Chilkat River Walk was more like a wet wrestle with the elements, what with the rain and wind-- gusts to 35 mph, the weather service said, but I think they were higher.  (This is no doubt why the season's first Farmers Market held indoors at the school was so much more crowded.) It was hard to stay on the bike and a few walkers turned their backs to the nastiest blasts and looked like they may have to hold on to the guard rails to keep from blowing into the river.



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