Clyde's Column

Clyde's Column is up at the Alaska Dispatch.  Phew. Now it's time for a great breakfast. Fresh dolly varden, toast and tomatoes. I've been looking forward to it since I fell asleep. Chip and I went fishing (and napping in the sun) yesterday at 19 mile. The sun was so strong that the sand on the riverbank was warm. We caught 3 dollys  (2 for him, 1 for me) but let one go, since Stuart brought us 20 lbs. of fresh halibut and we are in the fish the now. I'm still tired from the snowshoe on the Ripinsky Ridge Saturday. "Next time we should bring a rope," Chip said after we barely made it down the ledge off  Mt. 3920.  After that, the rest of the way was easy. All this sunshine is making us crazy. This is National Library Week, so check out a book, or just drop by a library and be grateful. In Haines, the Art Institute is happening at the school, look for the art show at the end of the week, and Andrea and Amelia have an art opening at the museum. They both make beautiful, thought provoking pieces.  I leave for Juneau tonight and onto NYC tomorrow for the Alaska Tourism Industry Association's annual media dinner. I'll chat about Southeast, Alaska with the mucky-mucks of travel writing and they'll all get a copy of  If You Lived Here. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to blog, (or  even how this Internet-tube-thing works when I leave home, or when I am home, for that matter ) so if you don't hear from me much until next Thursday, that's why. (I'm visiting my publisher and my family while I'm out there.) 


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