Pearl is my Co-Pilot


Pearl and I are running a few errands this morning so we can enjoy the sun -- the forecast calls for 80 degrees the next two days, and while it is warm, the weather is also weird, and a bit unsettling, like an Antonioni film, with all the wind and haze from the melting snow.  Is change in the air? The river is high and as opaque as a bucket of paint from all the silt, and salmon keep getting stuck on the flats in front of the house, making easy fishing for eagles, and at least one guy who waded out in shorts and picked one up for dinner. The weather forecast contains all kinds of strange warnings, including reminders not to put our jackets away as the gray cold will be back by Monday, and that while it will be tempting to take a swim, remember that the water is really cold. As Nancy said last night in choir practice (a record turn out by the way, sunshine does make us want to sing), they must be having some fun down at the weather service office in Juneau. But seriously, there are also warnings about sudden high wind storms out on the water, and about swift high water on rivers and creeks that may be unpredictable and dangerous. So, enjoy the sun but be careful. In other news, there are a lot of cute puppies at HARK right now that would like to play, if you have some time stop by, the Good Partner is being burned this evening,  there's a band called Bonfire (coincidence?) at the Pioneer starting at 10, and the season's first Farmer's Market is tomorrow from 10-noon. 


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