A Correction and a Little News

I did get both flu shots on Friday, the H1N1 and the seasonal flu, and survived the weekend without anything worse than a sore arm. But, I made a mistake--the H1N1 shot is Free-- it is the seasonal flu shot that is 27 dollars. I apologize. Deb Stanford wanted to be sure everyone knows that the H1N1 is free, since the Public Health Center really wants you to be immunized.
We had the lighting of the Fort on Saturday, under clear skies and on top of crunchy snow. The choir sang carols with our headlamps, Jim Shook's canon blasted after lots of "cover your ears" and the wind blew out the candles in the milk jug lanterns in the snow.
The best part was that during the Nativity play, baby Jesus moved. He was a real baby, three month old Christian Nash, and his parents, blue eyed Amy and Korean-American Song  were dressed as Mary and Joseph. It was a one world moment. Peace on Earth goodwill toward men.  
On Sunday we hung the outdoor lights at our house. We have switched to LED, which according to the box save 98% more energy than the old ones, and should also save us a couple hundred dollars in electrical costs. The colored ones look  better than the bluish white of the clear, and you can buy them at Howsers, Lutak Lumber, and I'm sure a few other places. Paul Wheeler has them in the brewery, where he is also kegging plenty of beer for the holidays. He said his beer has a much smaller carbon footprint than the bottles, and especially the plastic lined cans, imported from the lower-forty eight. Another good reason ( as if you needed one) to drink fresh local beer.
I just finished reading Elizabeth Berg's Home Safe, if you are looking for a novel. Richard Russo's Old Cape Cod Magic is a good read too. The school Book Fair continues through Wednesday at the Babbling Book, and their are tons of great books. There are also tables of sale books as well.


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