Crunches and Lunges

Light snow covered the car this morning as Eliza left for Morning Muscles class at 5:45. The snow banks in the driveway are like walls, taller than the car roof, and the road was white. The lights of the airport twinkled up the river. We didn't see another vehicle until we pulled into the Chilkat Center, then the familiar all wheel drive rigs pulled into the half-cleared spaces near the back door or tucked in next to a high snow berm. Inside, everyone asked about the baby, some had seen the pictures. It is nice to be in a place where there is no traffic, and where people know you and your family. Teacher Barbara told her birth stories. She helped deliver her sister-in-law's sons, years ago now, in Haines. She said one came out blue, and that was scary, but Dr. Jones had it under control. Years later, the doctor, a widower, married the woman (also a widow) and is now those boys' stepfather. And in, the small-town department, the way we are all so interconnected, in a good way--  Sarah's friend Kendra  who was in the birthing room with us,  is also Dr. Jones grand-daughter. Kendra's mother-in-law Carol was crunching and lunging next to me, and as we warmed up bouncing on our exercise balls, said she'd heard  all about baby Caroline from her. Later, Linda, who works with a dentist and is married to one, said births are like root canals. I think driving in Juneau is worse than childbirth or dental surgery. It is so dark, icy, and rainy and everyone goes 60 mph with wipers slamming and headlights on. I am happy to be home, where the roads are white and empty and I can tootle along at a grandma pace. It was also very nice yesterday to walk the dogs on the beach without a leash or a poop bag. 


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