Don't Miss Eowyn

Eowyn Ivey (Pulitzer Prize finalist thanks to her first novel, The Snow Child) will be speaking and reading from her second novel, To the Bright Edge of the World, tomorrow (Tuesday, May 30) night at 6:30 at the library. I wish I could hear her! But we have a borough assembly meeting and with the manager contract, the assembly seat appointment, and the third budget hearing this is not the meeting to skip, even if I am allowed three unexcused absences. (It could be grounds for a recall. Or maybe another one?)

I will interview her on tape for this Thursday's Art Matters program on KHNS (10-11am) but that's not the same as hearing Eowyn in person. 

The novel is a classic Alaska adventure set in 1885 and the present, because she tells the story of a military expedition to map Alaska through letters, journals, and reports, as well as the artifacts that were collected. (The illustrations are perfect.)Buy a copy for yourself and a friend. If you've already read it like many of us, then just listen to Eowyn read to you and ask her questions. (She is very nice and friendly. Don't be shy.) Her books are available thanks to the Babbling Book store, but the owners will miss the reading as well because Liz and Tom are back East at their daughter's graduation from Brown (!).  All this means, that unless you are sworn to uphold the local laws and attend a meeting of the governing body you were elected to, or have a newly minted Ivy Leaguer in the family, you really should attend Eowyn's talk. Your life will be richer for it.



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