Easter Bunny Sightings

My friend Phyllis called to say she was walking her Newfoundland puppy (Zebby is as big as a chicken coop these days) near the lumberyard and saw Sarah's white cat. " Well, I thought it was a cat, until I realized it was a bunny. Tell her to be careful or a dog might kill it." Phyllis said the bunny hopped into the white barn. Sarah doesn't have a bunny. Or at least she didn't know she did. She saw it last night when she was walking up to the Fireweed. (The restaurant opened for the season last night.)  "It was really tame, it didn't run away, just looked at me for a while, and it has a black spot on its nose," Sarah reported.  Phyllis thinks there may be more than one bunny. There could be a whole rabbit family living at Lutak Lumber. I think we should leave them a basket of  lettuce and carrots for Easter.  


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