A Few Things to Know This Week

It is now October, and it feels like it-- with frost on the windshield and fresh snow on the mountains. Ralph and Vince have brought in a huge moose (60 something inches),  and tomorrow is local election day, which means we get to vote for assembly and school board candidates and (I hope) to change the financial disclosure forms from the statewide template back to a more local version. Polls are open 8-8. Wednesday evening from 5-7 the museum launches a Girl Scouts Centennial Display with historic photos of local Girl Scouts, and asks that former Scouts and families join them to help share stories and identify people in the pictures, and at 6pm the combined boys and girls High School Venturer Scout program meets at the school to plan a trip to Australia in 2014. Greg says to come if you are interested,-- all present, past, and future Venturer Scouts. Friday, Oklahoma! Opens at the Chilkat Center, 7pm, same time Saturday with a Sunday show at 2pm. (Dress warmly if the boiler isn't fixed by then, the new roof is in progress as well...)  Also this weekend moose season ends, and the Chamber hosts Coho days and helps our Canadian neighbors celebrate "Thanksfishing"-- if you see a Canadian fishing, say hi, and thanks. There will be a party in their honor at the Harbor Bar 8pm Saturday night. On Monday Oct.8, the students have invited statewide house and senate candidates to a debate at 7pm in the school open area, this is sponsored by the Haines School Board and should be great. Finally, my husband came home with the mail on that  rainy, blowing Saturday, and sighed, "I wish we lived in a Patagonia Catalog...Oh wait, we do!" Yup, turns out the latest one is full of Haines' snowboarding and backcountry heli and ski plane adventures. Just another reminder that this is paradise when the sun shines. (And honestly, even when it doesn't.)


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