A Few Wedding Pictures

I didn't bring my camera to the wedding or any of the festivities-- from the Friday night pizza party at the Klondike Saloon hosted by the groom's family (I did order the weather though--sunny, 80 degrees!), to the big family and friends' decorating party at the Fort Seward Parade Grounds Saturday morning 8-Noon (I was worried it may rain, as it was windy and gray, but all was well as the breeze kept the horse flies and mosquitoes down-- and it stayed warm in town, though it was a little cool for the ceremony out at the park for some folks, thanks to the wind off the water and glaciers. ) Rev. Jan Hotze officiated the Episcopal service, Nancy Nash played Bach wedding tunes on the flute, and Annie, the couple's dog, went swimming and shook on the guests. I didn't take pictures of the party afterwards ( we figured about 500 friends and family and joined us for the potluck salmon bake and "Julia and the Perpetual Beer Run" band kept us all dancing), or the final clean-up Sunday morning-- or even the family dinners, lunches, hikes, golf outings, yoga, beach walks, and bike rides-- because I wanted to be really present for all of it-- and I was. Everything worked out so well thanks to the generosity of friends and neighbors who asked if they could help, and when we said yes, they did!  Today it is finally cloudy and cooler, and we are having a lazy morning after one last big family bash--  there were 30 for dinner last night-- but this morning most of the relatives have flown home, with just my dad, one cousin and his family, Mario, Grandma Joanne, and the honeymooners remaining. (They leave tomorrow for two weeks and two triathlons in Oregon. We'll babysit the  grand dog.) So I thought I should check in and share a few pictures friends have sent me. Isn't the bride lovely?  Here is how weddings in our family work: Sarah's was the first, and that was my favorite, Stoli's was next and that became my favorite, Eliza's was third and now it is my favorite-- the way I figure it, the wedding we just had should always be the best one, you know? 




(Thanks to Nelle, Matt and Sue for the photos.)


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