Finding the Good in a Fisherman's Death

Richard Boyce's friends and fellow fisherman Jim Syzmanski and his wife Randa aim to buy new inflatable suspenders for the rubber bib overalls of every fisherman in the Haines fleet. Jim told me yesterday at the cannery picnic that some good  must come of Dick's death, and he is determined to make that so.  To donate on-line click here, or you may mail a check to the Richard Boyce Inflatable Suspenders Memorial Fund, P.O. Box 418 Haines, AK. 99827. Haines folks can stop by the bank to contribute, as well. Life jackets and float coats are usually not worn because they are too bulky and get in the way of the work, Jim said. Also, it is not part of the salmon gillnetting culture, no matter how hard families try to change that. Jim argues that everyone wears bib overalls, and now that they make inflatable suspenders, there is no longer an excuse not to be safe. (Or at least safer.) If he gives the guys (and gals) a pair, they'll use them sooner or later because they'll need them and they are free. Please join me in supporting this very good cause which could put me out of a job. ( I really don't want to write another fisherman's obituary.)


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