Fire and Ice

 The Polar Bear swim went off without a hitch. Leo the Logger did not wear his union suit into the surf this year like he did last year, he had on a red Speedo. And Michelle Stigen has now won the toughest woman award. She had two sets of twins, bar tends at the Elks, and now has braved the minus 20 windchills to jump into the frigid waves on New Year's Day. Tom's  fire kept everyone from turning into pillars of ice, and Dr. Feldman kept it stoked while Fireman Al idled the ambulance up on the road.
Today the weather remains bitter cold and beautiful, so we are headed to Chilkoot Lake to ice skate. The word is the ice is clear and hard about halfway out. You may want to walk out the road too, as it is all icy ruts. (Of course, ice being ice, skate at your own risk, with someone, and if you are accident prone like me, tow a floating seat cushion on a rope, keep a couple of forks on a string around your neck, and wear a helmet. ) 


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