First Friday!

(Note that the previous title wrongly declared this to be the First Friday of August. The error was due to an auto-correct  feature that isn't as smart as it ought to be. It is definitely only April. You haven't missed summer. Phew.)

It's First Friday! Celebrate all the blessings of the best of Haines! The featured artist is "scrounger-upper" Jim Wilson who makes these rock thing-a-ma-jigs and more out at his Lutak roadside home. For a more portable exhibit, Jim will display his "dead bonsai" series from scrub and branches he found in the Nevada desert. (Some of Jim's amazing, and slightly creepy arrangements have been shown at the Senior Center, the bank, and at the Post Office before.) Jim will be at the Arts Confluence gallery 5-7pm. Next door at Joanie's Skipping Stone Lindsay Johnson and Graham Kraft are the featured artists. There will be refreshments and music too. Down the street at the Brewery the talented 907 Clothing designer sisters Melissa Ganey and Caitlin Combs will have their stylish and comfy spring line on display. (I would also remind you that you can go out to the Fireweed for dinner, but then if we decide to go, if I am feeling better, it may be too crowded. Then again, it's worth the wait, and the new bar has some nice moose horns mounted by Don Nash, which are artistic too. I hear the deserts this year are to die for.)

Also, Sunday is Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week for Christians. That means the annual Blessing of the Fleet on Sunday afternoon at 3 at the boat harbor.  The choirs will sing, the pastors will pray, and we will wish the fishermen and all boaters a safe and productive season on the water. 

And thank you for all your kind words and support regarding the recall. It's hard to let it get me down when there is so much good about this community, and so many good people doing really wonderful things. Don't worry, I won't forget that. At assembly meetings, one question that I try to answer before I speak, is "and the remedy is?" Not that I need to know for sure, but, is what I am about to say contributing to solve the problem, or just stating the obvious, or worse, making a point that makes me feel better but calls out someone else for no purpose?

So, the immediate remedy for the recall could be that the sponsors change their minds. It's a long shot, but you could ask them to (or their friends and family members.) 

The main sponsor on the petition is Don Turner Jr.,  and the alternate is sponsor is Ryan Cook. The rest are: Terry Pardee, Dwight Downer, Mike Binkie, Tony Malone, Marty Smith, Shane Horton, Reb Adams, and Melissa Snell. 



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