First Friday in August?! Already? It's true.

It's another First Friday party downtown (and all around town) in Haines today, with Dan Henry reading from his John Muir book at the Arts Confluence office between 5-7 and an opening in Joanie's gallery next door, and another up in the Fort at Nelle's shop featuring local artists, and they are having a garden party with snacks and fun and games at the green house behind the new hotel from 4-7. There's evening prayer at the Presbyterian Church at 7:15 too- and tonight at 6 at the golf course there's a "Big Break Challenge" I'm not sure what that is, so call Kathy at the course at 303-1477 to find out.

Tomorrow I am playing in the International Open Golf Tournament starting at 9 am-- it's supposed to be fun, and I hope so as it will the first time I've ever kept score, so wish me a lot of luck. (Better yet, pray for my partner, Marian.) Organizers have it all set up so the teams hit the best ball, or alternate shots, so it's meant to be kind to (sort of) beginners like me. There are lots of prizes too, I hear, and again call 303-1477 for details. The weather is even supposed to be great. If you are not golfing, the farmers market is at the fairgrounds from 10-1.

In other news, the bears are out at Chilkoot, around town, out the road, and on the Chilkat River beaches recreation area. I didn't see the one who left this out back last night, and I also avoided seeing the bears at Chilkoot the other morning when we were on our bikes out there, by making plenty of noise, and on Wednesday after other cyclists told us there was a bear at ten-mile on the highway, proceeded with caution and loud singing and rode by quickly and so also didn't see the bear. We figured he or she took off before we got there. Then, yesterday morning in the rain, Chip and I rode around town and to the airport and tank farm, circling close to home in case the weather really got nasty.  I was relieved not to have worry about the bears. Then, as we pedaled up the Lutak Hill by Waldo's house  a big bear loped across the street and into the uphill bushes. "There are bears everywhere," Chip said. "You just don't see them is all." I am being much more mindful about turning on the electric fence around the chicken coop, leaving the porch lights on at night, and I think I will pick my apples, even though they are still a little tart. Better safe than sorry.




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