Glad We're Not in Buffalo

In the immortal words of my friend John-- who when asked, "How are you doing this morning?"-- Replied, "I'm glad I'm not in Buffalo." We were in Buffalo this time of year in 2011, when Haines got about five feet of snow in a day. Remember?

This November, Haines has moved to the Oregon coast, is seems.

But the winter days are still so short-  about 7 hours of dusk, and the nights so long-- the kind that have me making supper at five and in bed reading by 8:30. (Should I admit that?) The  short days have me pacing, sort of-- walking Pearl twice a day. More for me than her, I think- and to see friends on the beach or the trails with their dogs-  when I said that one friend, she quoted this haiku:

 "I said I was going to see the bamboo fence, but it was really to see you." I said I was going to walk the dog,or go to a meeting, but...there's more to it, isn't there?

The library board meeting this afternoon may not have a quorum, as Dick is in Seattle recovering from heart surgery, Lori is in New York with an ailing father-in-law, other board members are on trips to Santa Fe and Italy and working out of town. There may just be three of us. But, I voted to meet anyway. I mean, it's nice to talk about things that matter face to face.

Also, if you haven't tuned into morning radio in a bit-- do-- KHNS has changed the programming so that a real person that you know-- Margaret-- signs on at six and stays with you through the news until eight. It's great to have her thoughtful informed company mixed in with all the NPR, state, and local news. 

At 7 tonight at the library grants to non-profits will be  awarded by the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation, and tomorrow night it's Rivertalk, a fun night of informal stories at the Chilkat Center. See you there? 



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