I live and write on Lingít Aaní, and gratefully acknowledge the past, present and future caretakers of this beautiful place, the Jilkaat Kwaan and Jilkoot Kwaan.

I recently read a little book of great advice titled Steal Like an Artist by a guy who makes art by blacking out words in newspapers– and more– but that type of work, named Austin Kleon. It’s a quick, simple, but good read. It gave me a lot to think about and jump started me a bit when I was in a low patch creatively.  We are not alone in this endeavor. Anyway, taking the advice of the title, I am stealing the heart of today’s note from Nancy DeCherney in Juneau, the head of the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council (who is also a daughter of Haines). It is a perfect first week of Lent kind of thought:

“Today seems like a good one to go forth into the world in peace, being of good courage, holding on to that which is good, rendering to no one evil for evil, strengthening the faint-hearted, supporting the weak and helping the afflicted – it will be a long day.”

Can you tell I am traveling this weekend? I am not very good at that, but at least I feel a little better than I have, and managed to walk Pearl this morning. There is supposed to be a “major snow event” according the weather service, tonight and tomorrow in both Haines and Juneau: winds to 40mph, a foot or more of snow, followed by freezing rain and or plain old rain. The ferry will steam through it, but  I may not be able to fly from Juneau  to Fairbanks in the morning, but “I dwell in possibility”, and have packed my swim suit and three books, all of which may inspire me to write like their authors– John Straley’s Cold Storage, Alaska, Don Reardon’s The Raven’s Gift, and Dana Stabenow’s Bad Blood. I like to be prepared. (Don Reardon will be in Haines at the library March 14, and I can’t wait to hear him speak.)

If you are in Juneau in the morning tomorrow, both the Haines teams have regional tourney games as they won yesterday– by a hair. They may just make it to State. Also, in Haines you can go bowling for a good cause this afternoon at 4 in the gym, see movies at the Fair tonight at 6, and tomorrow there’s the economic summit 10-3, and a community swim meet at the pool which will probably be more fun. (Call 766-2666 to learn more.) If the weather works out, Ruth Moody will fly up to perform Saturday night at the Chilkat Center. By then, I may be soaking in the Chena Hot Springs looking up at the northern lights… or still in Juneau with my daughter, or  stuck in an airport somewhere with three great books. It’s all pretty much a win-win. I’m going forth with courage and holding on to what is good.