Goings On


The rain is not snow, yet, at least down in town, but I'm guessing this downpour is whitening up the mountains. (It's still too dark to see, and even then, from the sounds of the wind and rain on the roof I probably won't see it anyway.) The veteran's home is going up downtown and the old cruise ship dock is sort of coming down (to be rebuilt from now until March. Nothing like a little pile driving to make sure you don't over sleep.) We have dipped below 10 hours of daylight, and the museum is on winter hours. Once you get the seaweed on the garden, this may be a good time to check out Zumba (downtown above the liquor store) or yoga or open gym or the swimming pool. The Well&Fit ladies (and men, though we don't see too many) are planning a Fall Flush, so beginning Monday they will be dairy, wheat, caffeine, alcohol and sugar free for two weeks. No candy corn for this crowd. You may join the on-line support group. The World Series begins tonight, and this is when we really get to gloat, as the games are on four hours earlier here than the east coast, so we do not have to stay up to 1 am to watch them. We will have our Red Sox hats on and be singing Sweet Caroline over here.  Friday night the Haines Friends of Recycling's annual membership meeting and pasta dinner is at 6 in the school cafeteria, Saturday the library book club meets at 3 to discuss Water for Elephants. My recent good reads from the library include Elizabeth Berg's Tapestry of Fortunes, a sweet women- kind of novel that you read in three days about  four women who are roommates and take off on a road trip to find lost loves and children, and David Montgomery's King of Fish  an enlightening, and alarming history of  the demise of wild Atlantic and Pacific  salmon. Hopefully Alaska won't let our salmon (and rivers) suffer the same fate as so many have. And on Sunday, the Arts Council presents popular Canadian songster David Myles at 7 at the Chilkat Center. He's been compared to Harry Connick Jr., Jack Johnson and Buddy Holly, so that should be fun. One more thing, KHNS is now streaming live, so if you want to listen to the news, weather, volunteer DJs, NPR and statewide news from community radio  in Haines,  you can, no matter where you are. 


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