Good Morning, February.

The good news was that even though Marnie couldn't find the keys to the closet with the light switch in it, the moon on the snow, and then the lightening blue sky gave us plenty of light to work out by.  I was sound asleep when Chip shouted up the stairs to see if I was going to Morning Muscles. I leapt up as if he said the house was on fire. Blame it on the Olympics and the Northern Lights. There's just to too much to watch late at night these days. One mom said her kids were all up all night thanks the waving aurora over Mt. Ripinsky, and one school teacher said she drove out to the golf course to get a better look, figuring she may even ski beneath them, but was suprised by a moose who lunged out of the shadows just as she opened her truck door, so she drove out to the airport instead. (Ski tracks have been set at the golf course, 26 mile and Chilkoot, thank the ski club!)  Well, if that's not enough excitement for you, tonight at 5:00 in the museum there's an opening reception for the puppet exhibit " Strung up and Reconfigured: Puppetry in Haines and Beyond."  And the watershed council's Forest Investigators club hosts a wild mushroom dinner at 6:00 at the Senior Center. This  weekend at the Chilkat Center  there's also a special winter performance by Geppetto's Junkyard puppeteers,  "Starlust: A Space Opera. " And our own annual Winter Olympics are at the Fairgrounds all day Saturday. Happy February!

UPDATE: How could I forget? There are double home basketball games this weekend too. The boys and girls JV and varsity teams all play Wrangell. Parents, bring a seat cushion. That's a lot of bleacher time. 


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