Good Morning July.

It was so great to walk Pearl and my daughter Eliza's dog Annie on the beach this morning, and to see old friends and hear all the well wishes. Chip spent three hours at work in his office at the lumberyard and is now sorting the mail and watching the World Cup match. As soon as he finishes a late lunch of leftover deer steak salad with garden greens, walnuts and apples.(I am a huge believer in the healing power of good nutrition-- breakfast was homemade granola, fruit and plain Greek yogurt--) anyway, as soon as he eats and lies down (he'd stay at work all day, but doctors orders are to ease into it and balance activity with rest and I am the enforcer, apparently)  I will head to the garden for a bit of weeding time. I did get a copy of this video yesterday so I'll share it with you. (Remember when I said a film crew was at the house?) The really nice guys from Indie Alaska, a PBS short film project, were in Haines about two weeks ago to film the new Port Chilkoot Distillery and some of our town's artistic and avid puppeteers (there's more than you'd think, a lot more) and they had some extra time, so they called me and spent a morning following me around and asking me questions. I had no idea the video would focus on my work writing obituaries, although they did ask me what  I saw as my role in Haines. You know, was I the town bard,  or local writer done good? Or whatever? I said actually, no, not at all, I mean, the Haines Visitor's Guide doesn't even mention my books--  but I am the obituary writer for the best small newspaper in Alaska, the Chilkat Valley News, which we all agreed is way more interesting anyway.


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