Good News UPDATE On Martha

Last night we heard Martha is off her tubes and such, and is talking to her family and doing well. Turns out that's not quite true, she still has some assistance breathing, and had surgery this morning to drain some of the seawater she swallowed, according to her pastor, Ron Horn,who spoke to Martha's husband Mike a few minutes ago. Ron also said he has spoken to KHNS, the Presbyterian Church Facebook page will post updates on Martha, and that Mike and the family are so grateful for all the love and prayers. Martha is doing well, much better than she was at first, and is expected to recover. She's even writing some notes (although since she's sedated is a bit wobbly with the pen.)

That is great good news.

 In choir practice last night, we sang "Dona Nobis Pacem", and "Hope"  for her, and us-- (from the poem about hope as a bird singing even in the strongest gale) and another one called "How Can I Keep From Singing?" Which has words about how even in storm tossed seas "to this rock I will cling" and of course, "keep on singing." Honestly, when you drop out of the sky into the East side of Lynn Canal by Eldred Rock, that's about your only option. It's a miracle all four survived. What a wonderful thing.  

(Also, in smaller, but to us, good news, the volcano has slowed down and my surfer son made it to Bali.)

Tonight is First Friday,  with open houses at the museum and the new watershed council office at Jones Point; Joe Ordonez is signing his new book on Main Street, and Joanie Wagner has her own art show in her gallery this time, and the darkness will showcase the new, white-light snowflakes hanging from the streetlight poles. There are also try-outs for a play featuring a dozen women in the cast at 7 in the Chilkat Center. The show will be rehearsed and performed in January and February. The DDF meet starts tonight, and there's City League basketball games at 6:10 and 7:30 at the school.

And finally, as Kate said in last winter's play, "Dancing at Lughnasa." -- " T' is neither a good thing nor  bad thing"--- although it's getting to be the norm around here--  the borough manager resigned 19 months into his three year contract. David Sosa told the radio station last night that he's heading to a new job at the Merchant Marine Academy in New York, soon.

So now we will spend the darkest days of winter without a manager, police chief and Fireman Al working for us. (Although Al, thank goodness, is still here helping out with the ambulance crew and filling in until Jenn gets back.)




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