A Good Omen

 I promised to tell you more about Easter, and baby Caroline's baptism, but I'm not sure how much. This is the tricky part of blogging- and writing for a living. The day and the events will make a good column, so it might have to wait to be "published", make sense? I will say that on Saturday Chip made sure the last snow was off the back deck, and got out the lawn chairs while I washed the windows and raked up the muddy places where there isn't any snow. I also raked some of the dirtier snow, just to spruce up the place. Then Eliza and Stoli and I hiked to Pyramid Island at low tide. We summited the island and waved at a plane before hustling back ahead of the flowing tide. Also, There was some less than Christian language Easter Sunday morning when the hot water heater quit just before my turn to shower, but we all survived. My son-in-law was very pleased that baseball's opening game was also yesterday, and that the Red Sox beat the Yankees. We all think it is a good omen that the team that plays "Sweet Caroline" at the stadium -- and that Neil Diamond himself sang it for her yesterday-- won on the day she was baptized. I have to write my friend Clyde Bell's obituary today, (he died last week, 60, organ failure.) And get back to proof reading the novel. That is painfully slow going for the punctuationally challenged. One more note: Chip just said, "Heather, if you drive around today, don't take the dogs. I put the leftover ham in your car to keep it cool."


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