A Haines pre-Christmas Postcard

The house is filling up, and so are the fridge and the pantry. I still have to wrap a few things, and even do a little last minute shopping- but I figure if I can't get it in Haines, I don't need it anyway. It is very cold-- zero at 2 when the sun set this afternoon, and with a strong north wind feels colder, but we are staying warm and having fun. Here are a few photos of the last few days-- 

Solstice sunrise dog walk,

Never to cold for a milkshake,

Santa Claus Mountain. Look closely and you can see Santa, his beard, face, and hat all looking at the sky,

A midday snowshoe on Mt. Ripinsky, up and out of the wind,

Sunset at 2 O'clock,

Shopping on Main Street,

The Catholic Church,

and Officer's Row on Fort Seward.




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