The Haines Tuxedo

 Yup, you read right. There is now a real, honest to goodness Haines Tuxedo, and I'm not talking about Dan Henry's Salvation Army dinner jacket or Lee Heinmiller's T-shirt with the tux design on it.  North Face has a brand new heli-ski suit called the Haines Tuxedo. It's only 999.00. Really.  I'm kind of curious about the "internal media security pocket" feature. Is that catalog code for a concealed weapon holster? (They are allowed in the Haines Borough.) Also, can you even buy one in Haines? Perhaps the Haines Convention and Visitors Bureau will host a party surrounding its release, a  More Formal Than Normal gala featuring it, and other less ( or more) inspired versions of local formal wear. Maybe we should  chip in and buy one for gold miner and town economic development booster  (and former sawmill operator, logger & mayor )John Schnabel. He's turning 90 and having a big bash to celebrate at the Elks this weekend. 


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