I live and write on Lingít Aaní, and gratefully acknowledge the past, present and future caretakers of this beautiful place, the Jilkaat Kwaan and Jilkoot Kwaan.

With thirteen-plus hours of daylight now, the sun was up when I went to the pool this morning at 6:30, and I think some of the regulars were out walking in the fresh air with all the thrushes and robins where it sounds like spring too– so the pool was kind of quiet. It will be noisy on Saturday morning with the Dolphins’ annual swim-a-thon. The kids are raising thousands of dollars and swimming a lot of laps. One little guy we sponsored is doing 80 laps. Laps, not lengths. 36 laps is a mile. He says he can do it. I say lucky him to have that training young, as swimming is a sport that makes life better,  and maybe even longer– One of the regular early birds is in her eighties. This morning in the locker room we talked about April Fool’s pranks. She said the best one she did was a few years ago when she invited a young neighbor family for breakfast and met them at the door in rollers and a big robe and looked at them for a long time in a confused way before laughing. I’m going to try that when I’m old. Or old-er. Whatever. It made me laugh.

We are heading into Easter week services Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and Sunday morning. And one of my daughters has a sick baby so I will get the well toddler for some egg coloring help this afternoon, and I did buy the ham. It’s staying cool in my car. (I haven’t seen any bears yet, have you?)

Good Friday from 5-7 is another Art on Main Street First Friday event at the Arts Confluence Office and next door Skipping Stone Gallery, with Rosalie Loewen reading from her book “Hungry Moon” and an exhibit of Sarah Bishop’s ceramic and textile art. There’s also a potluck at the Sheldon Museum to kick off the “Key Ingredients” traveling exhibit, and a seafood dinner at the Legion 5-7. 

On Monday April 6 there will be a terrific brass quintet from Mexico at 7 in the Chilkat Center. The paper says it’s the 7th, but the date was changed because of the community mining presentation 5:30-8:30 on Tuesday, also in the Chilkat Center.

Looking ahead, on April 28th from 5-7 there will be  a party, reading, and book signing “launch”  for my new book “Find the Good”  at the library that will also be a fundraiser for LEAP (the Library Expansion and Addition Project.) So stay tuned for that.