I live and write on Lingít Aaní, and gratefully acknowledge the past, present and future caretakers of this beautiful place, the Jilkaat Kwaan and Jilkoot Kwaan.

Of course sunshine helps, as does the tourist season, and construction season (the lumberyard is busy again), and fishing season is right around the corner and the fishermen in our family are gearing up for another commercial salmon season. The singing birds, and  the buzzing bees in the cherry blossoms are calling, ‘the garden needs you!’ and so the telephone will just have to ring away. (Leave a message.) The library dandelions can use some pulling before they flower so if you have a moment, tug away. 

There are two more public records requests for borough business emails this week, making the total five, I think. (Sigh.) The recall petitions have not been turned in, but  they have a few more weeks to gather signatures, I hear. The good news is that seven people want to fill Mike Case’s seat until October, and I don’t believe that is because misery loves company, rather citizens want to help. We meet tomorrow at six to hear from them about why they’d be a good fit, and will decide at the May 30th meeting.Tonight there is a waterfront trail design meeting at 6:30 at the Chilkat Center and a Farmer’s Market vending information meeting at 6:30 at the library. The police are having an open house Friday 3-6 to celebrate national police week, and at the school the annual art show is now up and hanging in the hallways. The museum is having a fun painting night Friday at 7.( Not the wall kind, rather the picture!) Artist Kelleen Adams will teach a painting class for all ages. It costs 30 dollars, and all materials are provided. The Uglys Cancer Fund second annual fundraiser is Saturday 4-7 at the fairgrounds, with Klukwan’s Chilkat Dancers at 5.  There will be smoked pork shoulder, brats and more, as well as a dessert auction so if you can bake one that would be great. 

There are more businesses opening, too. The Rusty Compass coffee shop has new owners, great pastries, and they say they will stay open year ’round on Main Street.  Down the hill, Bear-Rittos is open for the summer. The Halsingland began their season on Mother’s Day. Laura Rogers, who designed the Port Chilkoot Distillery’s gorgeous labels has a new art gallery downtown in the little cabin by Mountain Flying called The Magpie. The Farm is selling garden starts at Haines Home( W-S 11-5), and Toni has a greenhouse full of beautiful plants and a lot of perennials up at Whiterock Nursery.  Out at the cannery the Something Fishy shop opens May 19 and the Cannery Cove party pavilion has been busy already with a memorial service last week and a birthday party last night. ( We missed that one, because our own not-so- little- anymore Ivy had a 5th birthday party in the backyard.What a beautiful night!)

(One more thing, in case you missed it NPR’s Melissa Block was here recently, and she did this story on Dr. Adam and the Klukwan clinic.  The photos are really nice too, and so is the whole piece. I think there may be more local features in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.)