Happy Thursday

The forecast is for record heat the next few days. 70s! and sunny too, which is nice for weddings (there's at least one on Saturday, the first of about 8 this summer, I believe) and building ( there's all kinds of hammering and digging and pouring of concrete. And robins and eagles feathering nests...) Chip is very happy because his lumberyard sold a large window package for a project and he beat out Home Depot on the bid. The weather also means it's time to cut the grass and plant the carrots. But when? There's choir practice and yoga tonight,  also co-ed softball at 6:30,and the Klukwan School graduation at 6. Tomorrow there's J Tate's memorial at 2, then the rootbeer float fundraiser at the Senior Center 3-5 that the choir is singing at, then KHNS hosts a free movie featuring a road trip with Old Crow Medicine Show and beer and popcorn, at 7:30 in the Chilkat Center. Saturday morning at 10:30 is Miss Kim's ballet school recital featuring my 4 year old granddaughter in the Lady Bug Dance. Well, actually,  while my eyes will be on her, she's not officially a prima ballerina or anything, and the highlight will no doubt be the wildly popular Daddy Dance where the fathers twirl with their daughters. This may the last one for a while, since Miss Kim was just hired to teach 2nd grade next year. (Brava.) Then there's a wedding to attend, and Sunday we celebrate another granddaughter's 2nd birthday, and Chip says somewhere in there we have to ride our bikes to the border and back. 85 miles. He suggested Saturday morning before the recital. Him: "We just have to get up early. If we leave at 4:30 we'll be back by 10 the latest, probably 9:30." Me: "So then we sleep through the recital and the wedding?" We stopped there, as it is not worth a fight I know I will lose, since he's the early riser, and I won't ride too far alone. (PTSD again..) When I told my friend Beth his plans, she replied, "Wear dark glasses then no one will know you are asleep at the wedding." My dad, Papa Bob, aka "The Legend" arrives Monday for my niece's graduation.  He called yesterday to make sure the pool is open to swim his laps, the eliptical machine is working, and that the weather will be nice for his sun baths. I did not tell him the heat wave is only supposed to last 'til Sunday. Would you?

(And yes, Pearl is improving rapidly. Thanks for your notes about her. She wears her cone-bonnet well.)



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