I live and write on Lingít Aaní, and gratefully acknowledge the past, present and future caretakers of this beautiful place, the Jilkaat Kwaan and Jilkoot Kwaan.

 At Morning Muscles this morning I asked Marnie if the reason my formally achy joints  felt so good is because of the yoga cleanse. I mean, does this mean I never can have coffee again?( Ice cream? Pizza? Wine!? ) How will I write another book? The good news is she suspects the daily yoga is to blame. I can probably keep that up at home after we are done. Phew. Also this morning, there was some quick startling news– that Scott Pearce was missing in his 25 foot sailboat between Haines and Juneau– someone saw the helicopter, then just as quickly it resolved when Marnie said Scott was okay, holed up in William Henry Bay. We heard it on the radio and said how great that Margaret was on it so fast–  Sometimes things do turn out right– you know? Though the well-named Windy Valley Boys will miss him if the wind doesn’t settle down and he can’t make it to  the folk festival with his concertina. Also, the police chief resigned. We kind of suspected as much when his llamas and goats were put on sale on the community website the day before the top secret was revealed at the borough assembly meeting. Last night we had dinner in the Fireweed, and my husband said, “this is the first time we’ve eaten out in Haines since last fall.” It didn’t seem that long– and all the same the people were still there, and a bunch of heliskiers who could have been the same ones that were here last spring too– the goofy knit hats and gear look the same. My husband said, “The pros all think they are pretty good athletes, I bet they’d be surprised to know their waitress (Genny) swam in the Olympic trials.”  Our son is home after a winter snowboarding at Mt. Baker, and is full of stories of exploits. Really full. After dinner, when I noted how fun it was to hear so much from him, my husband said “he hasn’t spoken in four years, he’s saved up a lot,” and I laughed and laughed. My son is a lot his dad was at that age. The weather is supposed to clear for the weekend, and I hear from the boarder dude at our house that sunny Saturday, and maybe Sunday, the Big Air contest may be  on.  I’ll let you know. (As if snowboarders read a mom’s blog?)