I live and write on Lingít Aaní, and gratefully acknowledge the past, present and future caretakers of this beautiful place, the Jilkaat Kwaan and Jilkoot Kwaan.

About ten of us braved the wind and ice to creep and drive over to Morning Muscles in the middle of the night- at least that’s what 6 am feels like these dark mornings. But Marnie got us up and atom pretty quick (or is it Adam? anybody know?) I was totally awake thanks to a medical emergency at five am. After letting Pearl out, and feeding her, my husband called up the stairs to wake me up, and then said, “Pearl looks like a Pit Bull, check out her face.” Pearl was already asleep on the warm bed I had just vacated. She looked awful– eyes swollen shut, lumpy face– what the heck? I dug around the bathroom for a Benedryl, with no luck. We found some in a hunting first aid kit. At Morning Muscles my dog expert neighbor said she is still an adolescent, so it could be any little thing. She may even be allergic to chickens. Although Pearl and the hens keep their distance from each other.  When I got home she greeted me, eyes a little more open, looking like Rocky in the fifth round, minus the blood and bruises– but all wags and ready for a walk. The wind is gusting to 60mph. It’s about 15 degrees. It’s dark. And look at that face. I told her we should wait until she’s feeling better, and hopefully, with daylight, a little warmer? In other, more public news,  Auntie Vi died yesterday, she worked at the old Food Center for years, and was still cutting meat at Olerud’s on her 90th birthday, a few years back. She passed away at home, in her sleep. No doubt of old age, although Tom will say there is no such thing, but that’s my battle for next week’s paper. Fireman Al’s sweet mother Evelyn Badgley also died of old age last week in Texas, at 95, so we’ll see what Tom says about that in the edited version of my copy– and former resident Cork Ramseyer died down in Oregon from heart disease. On the up side, Kristin and Frank and big brother Nate welcomed little Evan White into the world. I saw one of his grandpas walking the dogs the other morning, and he said everyone is happy and well.  Rep. Bill Thomas has asked for a recount, and that will done Monday.Tiana could use food for the coaches and official’s hospitality room for the regional wrestling tournament. Drop off cookies, or healthy snacks at the school, if you’d like to help. KHNS is having a one day fund drive today and I hear they have a premium of home made Twinkies. Who knew? There will be another open skate this Friday at 5,  and Saturday at 7 it’s Macbeth at the Chilkat Center. The ski track is in at 26 mile, too, where I hear it’s not as windy as town.