Happy Tuesday

 Happy Tuesday.  Say it three times and make it so. Which will be challenging since it is raining and slushing. It feels like we are living in a cold shower lined with ice. The whole gripper thing is an issue as well. My preffered ice cleats are the micro-spikes. They are great. But hard to get on and off boots, and they pierce indoor flooring and outdoor decks like golf shoe spikes or logging boots. At the library the other day I took my boots off, spikes and all, and put my slippers on, since the floors are wet and sandy. It's an option. (On the other hand, if this is the worst we have to deal with, compared to the rest of the world, we are pretty lucky.)

Here's a few things to know for this week (and most will keep you warm and dry.)

Tonight there's a Borough Assembly meeting at 6:30, Thursday the planning commission meets at 6:30. Also Thursday, in what should be a lot more fun, there's River Talk, a monthly storytelling gathering in the Chilkat Center at 7pm. The theme is new beginnings. Call Annette if you have a seven minute story to share-- 766-2708.  There are home basketball games this weekend too, and Saturday it's the annual Alcan 200 snowmachine race from the Border to Dezdeash and back on the Haines Highway. It's longest, oldest, and maybe only, open road snow machine race anywhere. Let's hope the road up there is in better shape than my driveway. 

Sunday there's a sort of band camp for grown ups (and mature youngish musicians). The Haines Music and Dance Camp is noon- 7 in the Chilkat Center, and features belly dancing, music reading, blues for beginners, fiddling, drums, swing guitar, song writing, and much more. Ten bucks covers the whole afternoon with as many classes as you want to take. See the schedules around town or call Sue at 303-0022 for more information. (I'm learning to write a country song, I hope.)


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