Hello Spring! So Nice to See You.

Oh I just love Spring when it rolls in like this-- what another beautiful day- with sunny skies in the forecast all weekend, highs near 40, and overnight lows in the teens. What is not to love about these long light days?

The sunshine in the windows has us up and at 'em early-- Chip is leaving for the Skagway and the Buckwheat Ski Classic weekend, so his gear is all over the dining room table. And we took the dog fence out of my car this morning so I could fit the bike in for a ride this afternoon when it warms up. (I transport it to a dry ice-free stretch of road by the cannery and pedal back and forth for an hour or so. It beats the indoor trainer, and is kind of fun.) Pearl has had walk number one-- but I'm sure there will be more.It is hard to stay inside when this is what's outside, you know? While the chickens are out scratching in their run later, I may even give the coop a spring cleaning.



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