This morning I had nice notes from an undertaker in Plano, Texas (it is snowing there),he said he  knows what I mean when I say I snowshoe with the departed; and a special-ed teacher with a dog named Carla, after  the "Good Dog Carl" books, just like my old dog Carl; and the niece of a former Haines resident who is visiting here this summer. A bookstore owner in Juneau was excited about the Advance Reader Copy of  Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs, and another blog reader asked where the comment section is. (Like the others, she emailed me using the contact form.) I disabled that feature because I am so neurotic I would check it all day long, and I have too much to do. However, it got me thinking, that I may post a mail bag entry once a week if interest warrants it. So, if you have a question you'd like me to answer, or a comment that you feel everyone else must read, send a contact form.  I will post critical emails too, with similar guidelines that the newspaper uses--  no bad words, not too long, no personal defamation.  Also, if you send a note you do not want shared, please say so. I will choose the comments that add something to the understanding of small-town life, rural life, family life, faith, or interesting thoughts and ideas, recipes would be fine too-- rather than the "loved the book" type notes. They make my day, and my head swell, and are kept in a safety deposit box as they are my most valued possessions, but they are not very interesting to anyone else. I will do my best to get that Salon page up soon, and that will be a place where I will post your stories, poetry or commentary or maybe even art and photos.
As to how busy I really am, yesterday I was in my pajamas until two o'clock working on that novel (you will love it, it is my favorite work.) My daughter J.J. called from Ireland, she is on her way to Madrid for the weekend. She said she's as happy as she's ever been in her life. This time last year she was homesick-- so this is a wonderful turn of events. (Read her blog to learn more, it's on the bottom of my links collection and better than this one.) Then, I went for a snowshoe up to Lily Lake with the dogs, and the sun was still out after four--  the sky was even light when I returned home at six after holding grandbaby Caroline for an hour. I took a bath and Chip grilled moose steaks for dinner (with apologies to yesterday's guest in the yard.) This morning the sun began rising just as all the ladies were leaving Morning Muscles at 7.  It feels like Spring. Thank goodness. 


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